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Zazzle tells me if I want to sell things, I should blog about it. So this is my plug for my Zazzle Store. It's called It's A Penguin Thing, and it's full of t-shirts with wild and wacky saying, most of which I've thought of myself. I've got a Miami skyline mug (and I want to add a Boston one!) Key chains, bumper stickers, and other random stuff. Below is a "merch panel" with all my stuff. See something you like? Then click to head over to my store.
I'll have Holiday/Seasonal stuff up soon to.

Make a personalized gift at Zazzle.

Clothes not your thing? You can find my first (of many) book here at A Killer Best Friend

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 "There are a hundred ways to prevent conception permanently and temporarily and a hundred more to stop a pregnancy. For some reason, you had that little girl in there. You conceived her, carried her to term, and you brought her into your home. Maybe you need to take a moment and remember why you did that."

so, my characters are time traveling and their leader has an issue about being wanted by others so her best friend takes a moment to have a chat with her parents.
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 Post a small snippet from your WIPs (even abandoned ones if you want), this can be anything from one line to a couple of paragraphs. 

Your friends/readers can comment with one question for each snippet - anything they’re particularly curious about. 

Answer those questions with as much or as little detail as you like. 



Harry Potter and Music’s Magic (Harry Potter)

“Is this the kind of problem where we have to kill someone?”  Nate asked cautiously.  At Reggie and Evan’s incredulous looks he spread his hands out, “What, it’s a legitimate question.”

Not of Blood (Harry Potter)

The thing about going to Hogwarts, Harry often thought, was that you came to accept a certain level of weirdness.  Dancing socks and books that restacked themselves?  Just another day at Hogwarts.  Dancing socks and restacking books on Privet Drive, however, were just not the done thing.  Thankfully, not even Aunt Petunia was home.

The Power of Friends: Dance (PRJF)

“We’ve officially named the wolf Hobbes.”  Casey announced as he handed out mugs to his teammates on a Tigger and Winnie the Pooh tray.
“The philosopher?”  Dom asked as he looked from Casey to a highly amused RJ.
“No, the cartoon tiger, Calvin and Hobbes.”

The Courtship of Kai (PRLG)

“The funny thing is,” Mike said, “it’s not cheating if it’s a threesome.”

Leaves in the Fall (MMPR)

“How many kids do you have?” Tommy asked his counterpart, amused.
“Almost enough for a Quidditch team.”

More Than Warriors (PRiS)

Zhane stared at himself in the mirror. Nothing remained of the boy who had loved a Black Ranger, inside or out.

Taste of Adversity (Chronicles of Narnia/His Dark Materials)

“You can’t stay,” Edmund sobbed as he cradled Izzy in his arms, “Not after this.”
“I can’t leave either,” Izzy replied as she shuddered in his arms.

Fall of the House of Xandred (PRS)

“The funny thing about being on a team is that sometimes when you fall down, you take everyone else down with you.  The trick to it is always be ready to catch them as you go.”

It’s Enough Just to Shine (Power Rangers multi… PREVIEW!)

“You’ve heard what the kids are called now, right?  They’re the K-Scotts.  I can just image how many times the school’s going to call us over that, can’t you?”
Trini laughed, “Just so long as they don’t get the same habits about suspension and detention that we did they’ll be just fine.”  She smiled down at their son.
“I’m not the one who started all those fights,” Jason protested.

“Of course, you’ll be going to the Wind Academy next year,” Tori said as she smiled at Lily
“Remember, the Thunder Academy is a perfectly lovely school,” Blake said, “and you have friends there.”
Lily squirmed in her chair, “Um,” she said, whispered really, “I’m not sure I want to go to an Academy.”
There was silence for a long moment before Will slammed his chair back, leaping to his feet, “Of course you don’t, you ruin everything!  Why did we have to get a sister anyway?”

Monica barely had time to register Amy’s comment before Lance was there.  “What did you say about my little sister?”  He asked in a dangerously calm voice.  Yellow lightning danced over his clenched fist.  It was the first time they’d acknowledged each other in three days, and Monica couldn’t help her relief that Lance was always looking out for her.


Original Work

Blog of a Teenage Superhero

The thing is, this blog has been written for the purpose of changing a few things.  Secrets can hurt, and they call for prices that people aren’t prepared to pay, and my team has agreed that we need to let a few of those secrets come to light.  We will not tell you who we are.  We will not tell you how to find us.  Not just because there is an investigation going on, but also because we have been told that our families are in danger and we all have people we need to protect.  So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Fighting Fates

The sound of the pipes drew him onward and Caswyn had to grin. No one would ever believe him if he said that these meetings were coincidence. Ever since his father had brought him to live at Oak Hallow Keep, he’d been drawn to the forests that surrounded the keep. He could still remember being ten, hurt and angry with his father and being drawn to the music. Soon, he knew, he would find her, his cousin Niamh, in the clearing where the berry bushes grew. This late into spring, she wouldn’t find any, but the boulders there made a perfect picnic spot. Caswyn sent a mental summons to his companion, a young hound pup, and headed into the copse of pine trees that blocked his view of the clearing.

Highband Honor

Dom blinked once, silently counting to ten, and then he stepped forward, drawing himself up to his full height and assuming the expression he’d used to scare Privates back on base. “First of all, I am Sergeant Dominic Highband, United States Marine Corps, so get your facts straight because twins though we may be, my brother and I are not identical. Second, you are trespassing, and you know you are trespassing, and you are still filming this. Third, you seriously need to fire your fact checkers if you think that the boating accident that killed my father’s first wife and son was in anyway mysterious. It has been well documented not only by local authorities, but also by the United States Coast Guard. Now, I am only going to tell you this once.”

Call of Home

“You- you’re, you’re skipping,” Daniel replied.

“I was not,” Jessie said hotly, “I haven’t skipped since they stopped requiring it in gym class.”

“You were,” Daniel said, “You keep doing it whenever I look away!”

“Agent Anders,” Commander Z said.  “I believe the correct Earth phrase is, ‘Do I need to separate you two?’”

“She,” Daniel began then sighed, “No sir.”

The Children’s Defense

“Leave be,” Kan’nez said to Gedan and Ordan as he picked up a warning from the com system, “when you two get bored, you shut the anti-gravs off in the mess hall, or the fiasco with that Earthian kids’ show last month.  This sounds like it’s a lot more constructive.”  He picked up his sensor net and settled it over his scalp.  “Besides, we have a short window to get out of here, remember?”

Lady Guard

“It’s one of those quaint local customs,” Teirnan said dryly, “it simply means that a woman might be kidnapped and forced into marriage.  There is the ‘gentle’ version, for the couple who does not want to wait for the wedding, or whose families might think the match unsuitable.  Then there is the version where the chains are literal, where a girl is caught and chained until she signs the marriage contract.”

Fighter’s Heart (Trebon’s Journey Part 3)

Carley shook her head, “I’m a bit sore, but not like I’d been hit with a sword or knife.  Three of my opponents had just clubs and the fourth would have been better served with a club than the sword he was carrying.”  She sighed, “I miss Surrain bandits, at least they could give me a decent fight.”

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It's time for my random fic updates ya'll.  Here they are in all their craziness.  (I seriously need to cut back, but I keep getting these ideas that are just fabulous and I start writing them.)

The Fic is HERE!!! )
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I have released Warrior's Pride, which is both A Prince's Pride and Warrior's Rage together, except it's a paperback.  Currently only available via Lulu because my proof for distribution has been lost in the mail.  Hopefully I can get this sorted tomorrow.
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 So Smashwords is doing a promo week call Read an Ebook, March 2- March 8, where you can discount your work and get it promoted around the web. This is the home page.

Technomancer's War Universe:

Call of Home


It Is Defended


Trebon's Journey:

A Prince’s Pride

Warrior’s Rage


The Storyteller’s Call

A Killer Best Friend



My Writings

Sep. 3rd, 2013 03:15 am
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I've decided to make a post about my current WIPs in terms of fanfictions and updates for my originals.

Power Rangers Samurai

Jayden Vs The Bully

Series: Not Canon Samurai Series (pre-series)
Summary: After a fight leaves a local bully in the hospital, fifteen year old Jayden tries to explain how things got to that point.
Chapters: 2
Projected Chapters: 6
Word count: 2,635
Status: WIP

Lost Galaxy

The Courtship of Kai

Series: The Rainbow Brotherhood 'Verse
Summary: Kai figures out a few home truths about love and romance
Chapters: 14
Projected Chapters: 25
Word Count: 18,494
Status: WIP

Power Rangers in Space

More Than Warriors

Series: Silver Rangers
Summary: Zhane and Andros in the heyday of KO-35
Chapters: 5
Projected Chapters: 25
Word Count: 6,606
Status: WIP

Power Rangers RPM

Get in Gear

Series: Summer's Boys
Summary: New Rangers, old threats, and the continuing battle against Venjix
Chapters: 35
Projected Chapters: 50
Word Count: 82,990
Status: WIP


The Power of Friends Lily's Arc Dance

Series: Yellow Hearts
Summary: Dance like nobody's watching
Chapters: 3
Projected Chapters: 10
Word Count: 4,133
Status: WIP

 Originals in Progress for Publication:

The Summons of the Nexxus
Series: Blog of a Teenage Superhero
Volume: #1

A Fighter's Heart
Series: Trebon's Journey
Volume: #3

Midsummer's Oath
Series: Surrain
Volume: Unknown

The Ruby Quest
Series: The Wardens of Fyla
Volume: #3

Daniel Anders: Agent of Earth
Series: Technomancer's Verse
Volume: #1
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 If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.  ~Anne Bradstreet

I've officially decided that the Daemon Narnia fic shall be titled "Taste of Adversity" because of this quote.
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I neither confirm or deny the beginning of such a fic.

I neither confirm or deny a word doc with daemons listed on it

I neither confirm or deny that Lucy has a fennec fox daemon

I neither confirm or deny that Edmund has a goat daemon

I neither confirm or deny that there is a honeybadger daemon

I confirm that in my mind Jadis is not human or an Earthian type witch and therefore has no daemon.

I confirm that only “Sons of Adam” and “Daughters of Eve” have daemons.

I neither confirm or deny that there are plots extending to The Last Battle

Any questions?


“This book,” Lan said, changing into a mouse, “it’s called ‘Is Man A Myth’, how odd.”

“It’s not very good,” Tumnus said as he came up behind Lucy.  “But there aren't many good books anymore.”

“Why not?”  Lucy asked, looking up at Tumnus.

 “They've been banned,” Tumnus replied, “only books approved by the White Witch may be owned.”  He stared at the bookshelf for a moment before reaching for the book.

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For two days, some of my stories will be available free, in a staggered order like so:

Soul Sibs, Aug 26-27

Ancient Power, Aug 27-28

It Is Defended, Aug 28-29

Tales From The Scrapbox, Aug 29-30

Warrior's Rage, Aug 30

All of them on Amazon. 
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These are the covers for my two novellas Warrior's Rage and A Prince's Pride.  They are the first two stories of a young Elven prince named Trebonistanthilis (Trebon) and dealing with the life the Gods had handed him.  The actual order of the books is A Prince's Pride first and Warrior's Rage second, I just messed up the images.

You can find the first two novellas of Trebon's Journey at Amazon as ebooks.  There are two other novellas forthcoming in the series, Fighter's Heart and King's Peace, after which I will release all four together as a paperback, Trebon's Journey.:

A Prince's Pride ($1.99)
Warrior's Rage ($1.99)
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A Prince's Pride

I present to you my book! Now available on Amazon for $1.99!

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This afternoon, I will have successfully published my novella ‘A Prince’s Pride’ on Amazon. It will be on sale for $1.99. I say this afternoon, because it takes about twelve hourse after I submit it for it to be available.

At the moment, “A Prince’s Pride” will only be available on Amazon as an ebook. The reason for this is because I am planning a four book series to trace the path of Trebon, the MC of “A Prince’s Pride”. I hope to have the second book, “A Warrior’s Rage” available by August, while “A Fighter’s Heart” and “A King’s Peace” will follow at similar intervals.

If all goes well, and there is enough interest, a year from now, I intend to release Trebon’s Journey, the omnibus of the four novellas as a paper book through

I’m anxious for this to go well, honestly.

One other thing, when I release “A Prince’s Peace” my two short stories, “Ancient Power” and “SoulSibs” will be available as free ebooks.

This has been an announcement. I will link to “A Prince’s Peace” as soon as it become available.

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 I have been ignoring DreamWidth, I know. But here are some things that have been going on that are fun and interesting to me!

I wrote a nonfiction article about writing for Yahoo Voices: The Five W's

Started posting an orignial novel at fiction press to get feedback and reviews. That's Warrior's Rage

I have been working on an AU Avengers series entiled Not My Sins where in Tony Stark has twin sons from his college days named Steven "Puck" Goodfellow Stark and Robin Goodfellow (Stark). Robin, aka the Boy Wonder is Tony 2.0 and Steven is retired military turned bodyguard and is also Iron Man although nobody knows that just yet.

I finished Speed! I'm planning to start Dance soon and that will be the end of the yellows (finally.)

The Not Canon Samurai Series has gotten a lot more complicated than I expected.

I also have a couple of stories where Hawkeye becomes William Brandt from MI: Ghost Protocol (I called it Avengers Protocol) that are a weird grouping of stories about how Ethan and the Mission Impossible team learn that their Will is the Avenger's Clint. Read it here

I don't know too much else. Just checking in, I guess.

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 I have a minor fondness for His Dark Material Fusion Fics...that is stories where the characters have Daemons. I have off and on fought with myself over actually writing a one-shot HDM fusion either in Power Rangers or for Hunterss (SPN/CM) but I haven't really settled on the Daemon yet, much less whether I'd commit.

I do know that my Anna from Huntress would have either a Tiger or a Liger because she needs a big cat following her everywhere and those are big cats.

The Rangers give me more of a fit, trying to figure out what happens when they morph. I think they "blend" with the Rangers at those times... feeding into the idea that Rangers aren't normal humans...

Jason has a lioness though. Because of reasons.
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I have officially decided that in the Rocca/Thorne/Bly household, they have a tradition. When someone in the group says something particularly stupid, or embaressing loud enough that everyone can hear it, they appalud the speaker. Case in point:

Wildfire glanced down the hallway to the stage and looked back at Firefly, "You ok?" His sister asked.
"Yeah," Wildfire managed after a moment, "I just, I feel naked without my guitar."
Applause made him jump and Wildfire turned to find a camera zoomed in on him. "Congratulations," Lance said, coming up on his left to cuff him on the shoulder, "You just got the 'stupidst thing said on camera' award. Aunt Madison will be thrilled to get rid of the trophy." 

Yeah, they do stuff like that. Because they love each other.
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Just throwing out some thoughts on if my Brotherhood Rangers met my Headcannon Avengers...

Kira would totally hone in on Steve and just talk to him. She'd get right in his brain and find all those knots of guilt and banish them.

Dustin would hook in Tony for the exact same thing, but he'd do it with science because Brotherhood Dustin is a mechanical engineer. He'd start asking about some mechanical aspect of the armor, bring it back to the Mark I and swing around to Afghanistan, go back to the armor and then swing it back through something else. He'd play with the robots and ask about Tony's dad, and just leave Tony feeling better about things.

I think Chip and Xander would tag team Clint because Chip alone is overwhelming but Clint and Xander have being charming in common. They'd hang out on the rang, testing out Clint's bows while Xander and Clint talk about women and dating.

Vida and Natasha would get on like a house on fire. Natasha would adopt Vida and teach her how to back up her threats. After they had a bit of a cat fight, actually. They're both strong personalities in that way.

Chip, Dustin, Emily and a couple of others would hang with Thor too, just because they're all of the 'be yourself' group. They just don't care about what other people think, they just are. But Jason and Tommy would share looks with Thor, and they would get it, that Thor's a warrior more than anything. That connection between the three of them wouldn't require words.

Billy and Cam would hang with Bruce in the lab, doing science stuff, and they'd probably drag Justin down too because Justin likes science stuff even if he isn't too sure about the Rangers.

Hailey would commiserate with Pepper while keeping Tommy away from Bruce, because Tommy is chaos personified on a good day and Bruce does not need chaos like Tommy creates chaos. Or attracts it, whatever.

Rose would probably join the Science Boys and bring Tony with her to discus robots and Ronnie would hover around the edge of the Tasha/Vida thing with Taylor because Natasha is that awesome.

Will would also bond with Clint, in a mutual spy appreciation thing even if Will isn't really a sniper type of guy.

Trent would be there, but he wouldn't really connect much with the Avengers unless he talks art with Steve, he'll be hoering of Kira in that way he has, the one that's possessive and overprotective but in a good way because that's what Trent does. He loves his partner, and he looks out for her, by being there. He helps her without her having to ask and kicks butt with her if she needs it, but mostly he lets her fight her own battles because Kira can do that. Trent's just willing to help out, if she needs him to.

Conner would be banned from the labs about five minutes out but Ethan would hover and geek out over Jarvis and just be awed by Tony and Bruce, although more Tony because Tony does computer stuff.

Kim and Kat would probably bond with Pepper too, while Trini would talk with all of them before focusing on Bruce. Tanya would skirt around dealing with Tony after Dustin's done and Aisha would talk about animals with Thor and the uses of the Allspeak and animals. Zack would be a bit lost in it all until Rhodey showed up and they would have drinks and discuss how they ended up with these people, because really.
Rocky would handle the bar with Adam to keep him company but Adam would also get on with Coulson and Bruce, being the quiet and competent sort. Andros would be so completely out of place he'd probalby hide on the balcony until Zhane and Ashley frog marched him back in to talk to Steve while Karone would avoid Clint out of respect for his distaste of magic and observe Natasha because, again, Natasha is awesome.

Kendrix would probably crash the science party with Damon and Kai would talk to Coulson aboud dealing with these crazy people, I mean seriously, how do you do it every day. Maya would hit it off with Thor in the whole, Earthians, who really gets them and Leo and Mike would join the other reds talking shop with Steve. (Cause that's where TJ would be while Carlos joined the Clint group and Cassie would probably drag Phantom off to see the rest of New York because it's New York, with her husband, why wouldn't she go out to an expensive and fancy dinner, paid for by the Black AmEx Pepper slipped her before they left?)

Carter would be in the Red Appreciation group while Dana would join Pepper and Hailey. Kelsey would join Clint's group because she's an action girl and keep them from killing Joel when Joel got too obnoxious. (He's an idiot, but he's her team.)

Seriously, I could just keep going because I can totally mix and match this group for the fun of it. What can I say? I just have way too much fun.
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Mary Sue is a character trope more commonly found in fanfiction, although they can also be found in original stories. Here are some comments made about Mary Sue:

Read more... )


This is a blog series I have going that I thought I would repost over here. The blog itself can be found at Hope Unconquered. I'm going to post each entry individually, one day a week. Feel free to comment. Also, if you want the entirity of the On Mary Sue series, when it's complete, I'll make it up into a pdf for download on my website. (Free!)
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Went to see it yesterday. Movie was awesome and totally alters headcannon for Clint. (Seriously, all he needed was the bow and I would have been all, 'Oh, it's Clint on a secret mission)

Funny story:

 First, I get to the theater, buy my ticket and walk in. They have LED things that tell you which theater shows what movie, so I found the one for Bourne and for a moment, I thought I saw a different title, so I checked a second time, but no, it says 'The Bourne Legacy'. So I go in, pick a seat and wait, and wait, finally the previews come on. And then we get this live action number with these, well, they looked like giant dolls, who start dancing around the stage and singing. I'm thinking, we'll this has to be some movie about the actors right, just a long preview.

but NO


See, Bourne Legacy was only shown at two times, 6 and 9pm, before that, they were showing this kid's movie. They forgot to switch the reels.

Still, the movie was good when they fixed it.


Aug. 17th, 2012 05:44 am
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Have finally completed part one of WR. May possibly shrink the whole thing to a single chapter later.

On to part two!

PS: I has blog...will figure out how to crosspost here, yeah? 


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