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I borrowed this idea from Angel Negra. It sounded like fun. It would be nice to hear what other people think...

1 - Post a small snippet from your WIPs (even abandoned ones if you want), this can be anything from one line to a couple of paragraphs.
2 - Your friends/readers can comment with one question for each snippet - anything they're particularly curious about.
3 - Answer those questions with as much or as little detail as you like.

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Aug. 3rd, 2009 02:33 pm
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You know you spend too much time in alternate universes when you see a headline beginning with the words Star Fighter and you wonder when Earth got involved with a space war...

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Yea! Second chapter of "Who Heals The Healers?" (revamped) is up on, and I'd link, but my computer is being weird and only lets me into my profile pages. I can upload, and respond to reviews and private messages, but I can't read anything by anyone else. So, I don't know the address for my story, but I'm sure if you look, it can be found.


Summer's Boys has been updated. With Flynn (maybe) and Scott gets to kick butt!

Silver Dreams' next chapter is half-way done. I'm trying to figure out how to share just how cute Zhane and Andros look at the moment, and then we'll plunge into the second half of the chapter. But that's all I have to say about that, because I'm not spoiling it for those who actually read my work.
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Working on the next part of Silver Dreams, and the next part of Summer's Boys, both would probably go faster if I didn't write just as I'm going to sleep, resulting in four pages of a single letter and multiple sentences that make no sense and thus must be edited. There is more info behind the 'cut, but it's a bit spoilerish, so read at your own risk.

But before I throw in that spoilerish musing, I have to ask....has anyone else seen the Taylor Swift (T-Swift)/T-Pain Duet, 'Thug Story'? It's friggen hilarious. Totally worth it to watch, check it out on YouTube. And after you're done laughing at Taylor, watch T-Pain, he's great.

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So, we're now 3-2 in the finals, and I knew this was going to happen, they just don't do well in Away games in the finals. As long as they have home ice they can pull it off. Next game is tomorrow and they'll be at it again in Pittsburgh.



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So, I've been planning on sneeking on the first story on the Database, but I lost out 'cause someone else was just MINUTES faster than me. That always happens, grr.

Any Way....original fic on the Database from ME!

Silver Dreams, being a story of Zhane's evolution as a Power Ranger. And YES, I know, Zhane had light eyes and light hair on tv, but this is my story, and there's a real reason for his hair and eyes. I promise.


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