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I have officially decided that in the Rocca/Thorne/Bly household, they have a tradition. When someone in the group says something particularly stupid, or embaressing loud enough that everyone can hear it, they appalud the speaker. Case in point:

Wildfire glanced down the hallway to the stage and looked back at Firefly, "You ok?" His sister asked.
"Yeah," Wildfire managed after a moment, "I just, I feel naked without my guitar."
Applause made him jump and Wildfire turned to find a camera zoomed in on him. "Congratulations," Lance said, coming up on his left to cuff him on the shoulder, "You just got the 'stupidst thing said on camera' award. Aunt Madison will be thrilled to get rid of the trophy." 

Yeah, they do stuff like that. Because they love each other.
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Went to see it yesterday. Movie was awesome and totally alters headcannon for Clint. (Seriously, all he needed was the bow and I would have been all, 'Oh, it's Clint on a secret mission)

Funny story:

 First, I get to the theater, buy my ticket and walk in. They have LED things that tell you which theater shows what movie, so I found the one for Bourne and for a moment, I thought I saw a different title, so I checked a second time, but no, it says 'The Bourne Legacy'. So I go in, pick a seat and wait, and wait, finally the previews come on. And then we get this live action number with these, well, they looked like giant dolls, who start dancing around the stage and singing. I'm thinking, we'll this has to be some movie about the actors right, just a long preview.

but NO


See, Bourne Legacy was only shown at two times, 6 and 9pm, before that, they were showing this kid's movie. They forgot to switch the reels.

Still, the movie was good when they fixed it.


Aug. 17th, 2012 05:44 am
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Have finally completed part one of WR. May possibly shrink the whole thing to a single chapter later.

On to part two!

PS: I has blog...will figure out how to crosspost here, yeah? 
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Well, yesterday was a bust for all concerned. I didn't get much writing in after I got up and didn't get home until after midnight. Did stay up late enough on Saturday night to get a word count in though so I'm still rocking the word count.

Figured out how to work the lead in to the first conflict point (all the rising tension will be fun)

Figured out how to work out the follow through to the conflict point,

Since I'm at the first point of the lead in, I figure I can work out the rest soon enough. I mean, I know what's going to happen, in a vague sense, but I don't know what my four points are between the conflict and the discovery, and then there's from the discovery to the climax, and then the lead in to the next part.

Then I have to go in and work on what I've already written, add in all the descriptions I've skipped out on, add in all the little scenes that help.

Then I have to track down a beta to tell me if it works (hoping Rye's able to do that)

Then I have to fix what the beta points out

Then I have to design the cover

Hopefully, I can get it to my beta before November so I can work on the sequel then, and I can get the cover designed and the story published for Christmas. I'm planning to go through Lulu again, of course. 
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 Trebon wrinkled his nose a little, “I’m trading bows for bows, it doesn’t seem fair.” He paused and looked at Kris, “why is it that my favorite thing in the world, bows for archery, is spelled the same as one of my least favorite, bows for protocol and ettiquite?”

“Because you’re weird,” Kris replied.

Novel sneak peek there.

Also, I've hit plus 10,000 words! I'm totes rocking my writing right now. I'm kind of stalling because I don't really know what happens once Trebon gets settled in, but I think I'm going to skip the eval part and plunge straight into lessons. I haven't decided yet, I know there's going to be some issues with history, (Qua'nat history being that Qua'nat City has always been the capital and Nat'rean history being that it's only been around for ten generations), and geography, which will actually be fun because Treb's got some back up on that one. I'll just draw a subject out of the hat and write about Treb's issues with it, I think.

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 Just finished banging out the next bit of Word Count for NaNo. This time, it wasn't as long, but it was past the needed number, so I'm happy. I can't figure out how I just managed to write 2000 plus words about breakfast, without once mentioning actual food, but I did. Thought of a few things that I kind of need to know for the story itself.

There are things I haven't figured out, like the MC lived with these nomads who are officially known as the "Riders of Eagle's Nest" or some such, but are essentially an entirely different kingdom/whatever of elves who might be loyal to the Qua'nat King because of treaty, but who don't consider themselves bound by the Qua'nat laws.

I don't know how to explain all of this without a ton of exposition, but I'm hoping I can figure it out as go.

I'm planning to do my word count by picking one scene at a time and writing it, trying to maintain a steady time line. Then I can go back and fit in some more transitional scenes or such later on in the second draft. So far I have:

MC comes home
MC has breakfast with parents/oldest brothers before leaving to be sequestered until he's of age

I know what the next two scenes are for certain and I have some vague ideas for the third and maybe a fourth (I'm not sure how soon I should put the stresser in the story. I'm thinking there should be two "before" scenes, because there's the one that kind of explains a few things about why the MC left, and then there should also be one to realy highlight the issues the MC is having in the sequestered palace, but I don't know if both of them could be worth two thousand words. I certainly intend to try.

Then, of course, is the stresser scene, which is followed by two pivotal scenes and possibly a filler scene. Then there's the "take action" scene which is followed by the "montage" scene and the "adventuring scene" then the next specific conflict scene followed by the lead in to the next book scene and ending with the resolution.

All told it could be called eighteen chapters.

When I write the second draft, I'm going to have to add in more discriptions for surroundings. Third draft will focus more on action, and fourth draft will be spit polished before I prep for publishing.

I guess you can tell I'm excited about this story. I need to sleep now or I might start writing the campfire chapter. As is, I'll probably write it today to help my word count.

After all, I'm not looking to write the exact number of words every day, isn't the purpose to hit 50,000 before midnight on Aug 30 afterall?
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 Day one word count accomplished. And I kind of like the ending point. It struck me as I was writing it that I kind of summed up the MC's whole conflict for the whole book.

Trapped between two worlds, and never really a part of either of them

It makes me happy when stuff like that happens.  It's like, suddenly, the world falls into place when you really find the words to discribe your MC's motivation. Although, I'm a little annoyed because my 'v' key keeps sticking. It gave me a gem earlier though "neer lie" instead of never live.

Hope any other Camp NaNo people are having as much fun as I am!

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Wow, I've not been around to post in a month!

So, what's going on with me...

New Website! Dragon Heart Ink, being a way for me to share more about my original fiction (as opposed to Hope Unconquered which was always about the fanfiction more than anything.) Plus I have two blogs to maintain... The Rainbow Brotherhood and Hope Unconquered.

The Rainbow Brotherhood is all about, well, The Rainbow Brotherhood, my complex Power Rangers universe. Hope Unconquered is about writing for the sake of writing. I'm hoping I can keep them going with regular posts wandering through the different ideas I have. (Not going so well right now).

Learning to do layered paintings, mostly for the fun of it.

That's about it, really. Not much else to say.
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On the subject of Lexi and Leigh Oliver. Who are they?

Lexi and Leigh are the children of Tommy Oliver and his wife Samantha (OFC) in the Rainbow Brotherhood. By all accounts they are a boy, Lexi, and a girl, Leigh. But are they?

Rambles of an unstopable daydreamer ahoy )
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Huntress i.e. my Dean-has-a-twin-sister series needs help. I have a plot bunny about the series that JUST WON'T GO AWAY. I've tried telling it no. I've tried ignoring it. I've tried to give it away even but it keeps coming back.

This tells me that I should probably seriously consider using the bunny because it further seperates the Huntress series from canon.

In part, the bunny was inspired by you, StarAndrea! Your Sky 'Verse Michael!Dean is a favorite of mine, and while I could never write your Dean, you made me think of this.

The problem is this, Dean's twin sister is Anna Campbell (and the reason she's a Campbell and not a Winchester is a story for a later day). There is a Supernatural character named Anna that people should be very familiar with: Anna Milton.

Or rather, Anael.

FYI: I don't know if you'd consider this a spoiler given that I don't know if I'm going to go with this bunny or not, however I will say that this could be a spoiler in the future, so if you want to be surprised by the Huntress stories and not have a hand in deciding on the bunny, don't read. There is nothing here that is actual Huntress headcanon spolier, so you should be safe if you're curious.

Now my plot bunny is this: )

So, there's the delimma. Any thoughts, or am I going to have to invest in the heavy duty bunny killer?
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I turn 27 this year. I was thinking this because on Sat, Renee turned 29. I was also thinking about all the places I expected to be and what I expected to do with my life.

This life I thought I would have (after realizing that I would never turn into a space alien, move to the Star Wars 'verse and have thirteen children) was supposed to have been fun, doing something I love and worth every minute of it. I was going to have a college degree in...something, and live far, far away, preferrable where it snowed. I was going to New Orleans and Vegas and right about now I would be planning my Alaskan trip.

While I still haven't spent a winter in the snow, I have achieved some crazy goals. I went to college, even if I didn't graduate. I moved out of my parents house to somewhere far, far away, even if it was Miami and not somewhere colder. I traded New Orleans for Key West and Hawaii for Vegas.  I published my first novel and I started a business in t-shirt sales and I found a dream to go affter.

Maybe Miami didn't pan out and I haven't seen a snowy winter, and that college degree isn't anywhere near to being in my grasp, I've done some great things in my life. 

The Gang

Jan. 6th, 2012 11:50 pm
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 I'm working on a series of stories about magical toys using toys from my own collection. I thought I'd share a few of them here.

The Toy Box Gang )
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 In addition to publishing my own novel last year, I wrote 253,069 words of fanfiction. December was my best month for writing fanfiction with November being second best. This is ten thousand words less than I wrote in 2010, but I counted my originals in the 2010 count but not in the 2011 count.

Last year my New Years Resolution was to not write chapters of less than a thousand words unless it was a one shot and I was marginally successfull in that goal.

This year, I have several writing goals that I should call resolutions.

1. Finish and publish Highband Honor
2. Write a thousand word short story every day
3. Finish The Rainbow Brotherhood
4. Publish at least one short story anthology
5. Participate in one Camp NaNo session and win with a single story
6. Participate in NaNo and win with a single story
7. Finish Get in Gear
8. Finish Wayward Son
9. Start Fantasy Novel
10. Finish one of the NaNo Novels from 2011

Ten's a good number isn't it?

For story facts, right now, I am working on:

Get in Gear (RPM)
A Bend in the Road (Samurai)
Courtship of Kai (Lost Galaxy)
For The Safety of Bystanders (Dino Thunder)
Wayward Son (Turbo/Stargate Atlantis)
The Blood Children (The Black Jewels Novels)

I plan to start in the near future:

The Power of Friends: Speed (Ronnie/Operation Overdrive)
Huntress 04: The one with the missing children, a witch and the yellow eyed demon

Not to mention my NaNo novels:

Blog of a Teenage Superhero
Fighting Fates

and A Thousand Voices, my personal challenge to write one thousand stories of a thousand words each. The first fifty are grouped under the heading Tabitha's Toy Chest and are about a Wish Fairy taking care of children and protecting their wishes and dreams.

Not to mention my new FanFic writing rules to improve discipline:

No chapters to be less than 1250 words each unless it's a one shot
Round chapters to the nearest multiple of 25, up or down as needed
Huntress specific: Plot twists are spontaneous, but the mystery must beknown before the story is written, the unsub identified, the victims and a vague idea of how to catch it, plus the quote.

Oh and finally, I want to be a better artist, so that I don't have to use other people's work as a guideline.
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I have developed a minor obsession with The Avengers. These are some of the results (the rest are stories on AO3).

Banner Here! )

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This is an excerpt from Out of Breath that I've been looking forward to writing. Background, Anna an FBI agent and former Marine, breaks out of the hospital with the help of her friend Chip. (As in Charlie 'Chip' Thorne if he'd never been a Power Ranger but a Navy Corpsman.) They go to the memorial at Pearl Harbor and you can read the rest yourself.


Nov. 7th, 2011 03:48 pm
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Sometimes I wonder why I talk myself into doing things like joining tumblr, or facebook, or twitter, or lj or dw because I lurk in EVERYBODY's stuff and totally never bother to post anything myself. Even when I tell myself I need to post something, I rarely do. Oh well. This is a flaw. I am teaching myself to like this flaw. What is the flaw? I think it's that I don't really like writing about myself to myself, which is what this always makes me feel like. Is that weird? I think that's weird.

Sorry guys, just random thoughts on life and such. People started following me on Twitter today and I keep thinking I should post something over there.

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This chapter isn't written yet, but I didn't want to forget the opening scene...

Somebody bring me breakfast. Bagel, cream cheese, coffee. Do not put coffee on bagel.

Derek stared at the text that had arrived at 6:45 in the morning and tried to remind himself that Hotch would not appreciate it if he killed Anna. Then he started wondering who had let Anna have her cell phone back.
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It's the first day of NaNoWriMo and we've broken the site already! That's kind of awesome. Ok, the Twitter feed says it's planned stuff, but still, I'm going with, they broke the site already.

My story is going good, I've written my prologue and started the first chapter, as you can tell from my word count (naturally).

OOOO, last night, I found my novel on AMAZON, which is much coolness.
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I know, I'm still working on Get in Gear, but I'm having plot issues for PTTM. With that in mind, it may take time for PTTM to get posted AT ALL. I'm seriously thinking about how AU I can get without losing the basis of SB.



It's nice to be the only person home, sometimes.
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I fanfic my own original work.

That being said, I love Jessie and Daniel as siblings, they're just fun. I would totally see the pair of them one day playing truth or dare and Jessie ending up having to spend time turning something into a musical. For instance, when discussing where they'll land on Earth on their way to the UN, if someone brings up California I could see her reluctantly enthusiastic about singing Gretchen Wilson's California Girls in that moment.


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