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This is an excerpt from Out of Breath that I've been looking forward to writing. Background, Anna an FBI agent and former Marine, breaks out of the hospital with the help of her friend Chip. (As in Charlie 'Chip' Thorne if he'd never been a Power Ranger but a Navy Corpsman.) They go to the memorial at Pearl Harbor and you can read the rest yourself.
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Anna hadn't known what to expect when she arrived at Pearl Harbor, hadn't really thought about it. But this place, it was what she wanted to see. The museum, the plaques in the neatly trimmed yard, the information she would have loved the time to wander through and see. But they had tickets and not a lot of time, so she reassured Derek that she was ok and joined Chip with the group heading to the Arizona Memorial.

"Thank you," she told her friend.

"Not a problem," Chip replied, "I keep meaning to come out here, but I haven't yet."

Anna took a shaky breath as the crowd began to file into a theater. She tried to focus on the movie, but it was difficult. She couldn't keep her mind off the small white structure on the other side of the water, the symbol of such a great loss.

Finally, they left the theater and climbed onto a boat and Anna smiled warmly as Chip took her hand. "Excuse me," the woman said sitting next to them, "I couldn't help but notice," she gestured at their chests, "are you two military?"

"I was," Anna said, touching her dog tags. It hadn't seemed right not to wear them here. "I was wounded in Afghanistan and medically discharged."

Chip shrugged, "I'm finishing my college degree before I go for officer's training."

"Oh," the woman said and smiled, "Thank you for serving."

"Thank you for caring," Anna replied, looking up as the boat began to move.

It was a lifetime, it was minutes only, but they were there and Anna slid off the seat, her hand in Chip's so tight her knuckles were white.

The memorial was plain but elegant. She looked carefully at the first room, with the flags, and then stepped into the center part. Quickly she found her way to an opening where she could see the ship.

Staring down at the ship, however, Anna thought of the people who had died. Some of them had been killed instantly, but others, too many others, had been trapped. They had known. They had felt their death coming by inches.

The railing between her and the water was hot and when she brushed against it, the heat started to trigger a memory of fire and dust and heat and a panicked face.

Anna shook her head and moved on with the group, pausing to read the dedication plaque with a faint smile. Then she moved on to the open hole, but the water wasn't clear enough for a true look at the Arizona.

Finally, there was the wall. Anna stared at the names and wondered if there was a Winchester somewhere on that wall. She didn't think so. Almost reverently, she read the inscription, "TO THE MEMORY OF THE GALLANT MEN HERE ENTOMBED AND THEIR SHIPMATES WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN ACTION ON DECEMBER 7, 1941 ON THE U.S.S. ARIZONA."

The line moved on and Chip pulled her forward.

Something caught her eye and she looked down to find a marble bench, there had been one on the other side, but this one caught her eye. She couldn't make out the words but their meaning sunk in as she stared at the names. It was a memorial for survivors who had later chosen the Arizona as a final resting place.

Staring at those names, Anna's knees buckled and she couldn't stand. Her vision blurred, from either tears or contacts, and she shook, because she knew these men. Not them personally, but she understood. They had survived, were probably called heroes, while deep inside a voice whispered that they hadn't done enough, they were less than, they hadn't deserved to survive. These men had lain awake at night, thinking about how they could have saved their shipmates. These men had squirmed under the appellation of hero, because the real heroes had gone down with the ship.

She had come to the memorial to honor the memory of heroes; she hadn't expected a small shrine to the survivors. Taking a deep breath, Anna clamped down on her emotions enough to let Chip help her up. "Sorry," she whispered.

"It's ok," Chip said, and he got it. She could tell looking at him that he understood why those names and those words had affected her.

She looked back one last time. "I hope you found your peace," she whispered to the ghosts she couldn't see. Then she turned and followed Chip back out to the middle section. Caught in the crowd at another opening, Anna couldn't help but look out.

There were ghosts out there, she could see them. But they didn't seem angry. No one else said anything, so they didn't see the apparitions. It was a small group of men, dressed in World War II era uniforms and when she saw them they saluted her. Anna's breath hitched, and without thinking of anyone else, she saluted them back.


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This chapter isn't written yet, but I didn't want to forget the opening scene...

Somebody bring me breakfast. Bagel, cream cheese, coffee. Do not put coffee on bagel.

Derek stared at the text that had arrived at 6:45 in the morning and tried to remind himself that Hotch would not appreciate it if he killed Anna. Then he started wondering who had let Anna have her cell phone back.
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After an insanely long delay...

Previous chapters can be found here (Prologue) and here (Chapter One) Enjoy!


Chapter Two )
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Oh my Anna Campbell. I finally have a handle on her personality. She's fun, like her brothers, she's tough, but her defense is more of a 'brittle' tough with a propensity for chatter with these moments of vulnerability. She also has the manic moments, where she's almost on a sugar high, but usually that's to cover her moments of vlunerability and fear. She trusts more than her brothers, because in the marines, she had to trust or things would not have ended well, but she doesn't trust easily even if it seems like she does. I have so tortured Anna Campbell, but she's a survivor.
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Apparently this is my new thing...that is, to post the first one or two chapters of a story here.

Having recieved my proof copy of A Killer Best Friend, I am totally ready to approve the stupid thing and get the party started.

The Outsiders is an original characters story set in the Summer's Boys universe about a group of survivors from outside the dome. They are not Power Rangers, although I do have ten ninjas and a Mystic Healer apprentice and some of the leaders are related to Rangers. With one exception, they are all original characters right now, and I'm only planning to throw in four known characters later on.

The Impala

Mar. 19th, 2011 02:57 pm
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Short, random one-shot based off all the Supernatural stories I've been reading.


Every car is born with a soul and an Owner, but only a lucky car keeps the first and finds the second. The Impala is one such car. )
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I have decided that before I start ANYTHING new, or even edit something old, I need to figure out where I stand with what I'm currently working on.  So, I am making a list (with links).

The Works )
I am a busy woman no doubt.

Also, yes, I still blame *Andrea for Summer's Boys.  Also, if you have any questions about my work, feel free to ask.
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All right, so One Moment is a story I came up with as I was falling asleep and which I wrote yesterday. it's a Narnia story (obviously) and is meant to be written in third person, present.

Which is weird, because I write third person, past out of habit. I figure if I'm going to be writing Narnia, I need to create a world for it.

One Moment exists in the same 'Verse as Once a Queen and The Valiant although it takes place 'before' it. I hope I can come up with some other one shots over time without just stealing everything from [personal profile] bedlamsbard who is my inspiration for this story and prompted me to actually start writing Narnia in the beginning.


Jun. 8th, 2010 04:42 pm
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I have updated everything but my Supernatural story. This means that Summer's Boys is updated,Power of Friends: Dustin is updated and I added the sequal for Playing With The Big Boys. Plus a new Stargate fic. Don't worry though! Supernatural will be updated, I promise!

I am also working on a new Narnia story (Valient) and sketching ideas for an original piece. Oh, and I might start working on the Elf story again (My longest running novel, 10 plus years and it isn't done yet.)
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I think the first thing I need to do is issue a spoiler alert, because I'm writing about Summer's Boys and the Rainbow Brotherhood. So, SPOILER ALERT.

Two Worlds Collide... )This is what is going on in my thoughts. I just posted them so I can go back and ask myself what the hell was I thinking?
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Once A Queen


Guys, I am so excited. My Narnia fic Once a Queen has been nominated for two fan awards at Western Wood

They are: Best Depiction of a Cannon Character: Susan and Best Fic Completed: Once A Queen.

I just wanted to share the news, and the OAQ banner I made. (I'm much better at banners now than I was.)


Apr. 15th, 2010 01:50 pm
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So, I've decided to work on Summer's Boys, to see if I can't get further along with it now. And I added this prologue involving Dr K's arrival at Corinth and how Col. Truman reacted. Now I keep writing these little bits and pieces of the time before they chose Rangers. It's very weird.
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Well, I've got less than two months before NANO takes over my life yet again, so I'm probably not going to update as much as you people will want. I plan, however, to make sure to complete all the stories I'm working on before NANO, and then post them during NANO so that people can have stories while I work on completing the final rewrite of my novel.

Between that and work, that's pretty much what's going on for me.
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"Life would be a whole lot easier if he just went dark and killed off all the annoying people."
--Harry Potter
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First day of work successfully passed. This is going to be FUN!

Especially if every day is like today, when nine times out of ten, IT IS AN ANSWERING MACHINE. Really fun.

Haven't actually written anything this week, nerves stunted my creativity. However, today, I did manage to fix another sticking point in the stories.

Go Me!

Poll #1079 Funny things Rangers do...
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Access List, participants: 1

Scott is banned from answering the phone, driving civilians and...

Giving advice to small children
0 (0.0%)

Sending e-mail announcements to interested parties
0 (0.0%)

talking to the media
1 (100.0%)

taking 'candid' photos
0 (0.0%)

making phone calls
0 (0.0%)

In addition to smoothies, Flynn the kitchen

0 (0.0%)

alcoholic beverages
1 (100.0%)

a pile of goo
0 (0.0%)

accidental cleaning agent
0 (0.0%)

a mess and several small fires
0 (0.0%)

Scott can't watch Lord of the Rings because

He tries to impersonate Legolas
0 (0.0%)

The last time he got drunk, he tried to imitate Legolas's slide down the oliphants' nose
0 (0.0%)

The last time he got drunk, he tried to copy Legolas's shield surfing on the stairs in The Two Towers
0 (0.0%)

He and Flynn imitated the Frodo/Sam scene (on the mountain after the ring is destroyed) during a battle.
1 (100.0%)

Power Plot

Aug. 12th, 2009 12:16 pm
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The Power Plot began with After Hours, and includes: The Driving Lesson, Bonds Renewed, Girl Talk, Interrupted and Going On.

It's about the lives of the Ranger when they aren't dealing with Venjix, their friendships, romances and families, as well as a problem that is appearing. The Rangers' individual powers have begun showing themselves while the Rangers are unmorphed, and nobody knows why. At least, that's how far I've gotten in the writing and planning stages. Although the plot is complete and I do know why. I'm just not telling. It sort of follows Summer's Boys, even though Summer's Boys isn't finished yet.


Aug. 12th, 2009 12:05 pm
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First off: 18% of Americans don't know that Hawaii is a state? That's just friggin scary, yea know?

Second off: I have a job interview. The job is calling people and asking them to take a survey. My version: I'm calling people so they can hang up on me.



Updates )


Aug. 3rd, 2009 02:33 pm
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You know you spend too much time in alternate universes when you see a headline beginning with the words Star Fighter and you wonder when Earth got involved with a space war...

Updates! Updates! Updates! )


Jul. 24th, 2009 06:27 am
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So, I was looking at my icon list, and I realized that most of them are RPM related. Well, a few aren't, but they're mostly fic related. So, I need to make icons at some point, I guess, or learn to make them to scale...

Spoilerish Updates )


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