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 Post a small snippet from your WIPs (even abandoned ones if you want), this can be anything from one line to a couple of paragraphs. 

Your friends/readers can comment with one question for each snippet - anything they’re particularly curious about. 

Answer those questions with as much or as little detail as you like. 



Harry Potter and Music’s Magic (Harry Potter)

“Is this the kind of problem where we have to kill someone?”  Nate asked cautiously.  At Reggie and Evan’s incredulous looks he spread his hands out, “What, it’s a legitimate question.”

Not of Blood (Harry Potter)

The thing about going to Hogwarts, Harry often thought, was that you came to accept a certain level of weirdness.  Dancing socks and books that restacked themselves?  Just another day at Hogwarts.  Dancing socks and restacking books on Privet Drive, however, were just not the done thing.  Thankfully, not even Aunt Petunia was home.

The Power of Friends: Dance (PRJF)

“We’ve officially named the wolf Hobbes.”  Casey announced as he handed out mugs to his teammates on a Tigger and Winnie the Pooh tray.
“The philosopher?”  Dom asked as he looked from Casey to a highly amused RJ.
“No, the cartoon tiger, Calvin and Hobbes.”

The Courtship of Kai (PRLG)

“The funny thing is,” Mike said, “it’s not cheating if it’s a threesome.”

Leaves in the Fall (MMPR)

“How many kids do you have?” Tommy asked his counterpart, amused.
“Almost enough for a Quidditch team.”

More Than Warriors (PRiS)

Zhane stared at himself in the mirror. Nothing remained of the boy who had loved a Black Ranger, inside or out.

Taste of Adversity (Chronicles of Narnia/His Dark Materials)

“You can’t stay,” Edmund sobbed as he cradled Izzy in his arms, “Not after this.”
“I can’t leave either,” Izzy replied as she shuddered in his arms.

Fall of the House of Xandred (PRS)

“The funny thing about being on a team is that sometimes when you fall down, you take everyone else down with you.  The trick to it is always be ready to catch them as you go.”

It’s Enough Just to Shine (Power Rangers multi… PREVIEW!)

“You’ve heard what the kids are called now, right?  They’re the K-Scotts.  I can just image how many times the school’s going to call us over that, can’t you?”
Trini laughed, “Just so long as they don’t get the same habits about suspension and detention that we did they’ll be just fine.”  She smiled down at their son.
“I’m not the one who started all those fights,” Jason protested.

“Of course, you’ll be going to the Wind Academy next year,” Tori said as she smiled at Lily
“Remember, the Thunder Academy is a perfectly lovely school,” Blake said, “and you have friends there.”
Lily squirmed in her chair, “Um,” she said, whispered really, “I’m not sure I want to go to an Academy.”
There was silence for a long moment before Will slammed his chair back, leaping to his feet, “Of course you don’t, you ruin everything!  Why did we have to get a sister anyway?”

Monica barely had time to register Amy’s comment before Lance was there.  “What did you say about my little sister?”  He asked in a dangerously calm voice.  Yellow lightning danced over his clenched fist.  It was the first time they’d acknowledged each other in three days, and Monica couldn’t help her relief that Lance was always looking out for her.


Original Work

Blog of a Teenage Superhero

The thing is, this blog has been written for the purpose of changing a few things.  Secrets can hurt, and they call for prices that people aren’t prepared to pay, and my team has agreed that we need to let a few of those secrets come to light.  We will not tell you who we are.  We will not tell you how to find us.  Not just because there is an investigation going on, but also because we have been told that our families are in danger and we all have people we need to protect.  So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Fighting Fates

The sound of the pipes drew him onward and Caswyn had to grin. No one would ever believe him if he said that these meetings were coincidence. Ever since his father had brought him to live at Oak Hallow Keep, he’d been drawn to the forests that surrounded the keep. He could still remember being ten, hurt and angry with his father and being drawn to the music. Soon, he knew, he would find her, his cousin Niamh, in the clearing where the berry bushes grew. This late into spring, she wouldn’t find any, but the boulders there made a perfect picnic spot. Caswyn sent a mental summons to his companion, a young hound pup, and headed into the copse of pine trees that blocked his view of the clearing.

Highband Honor

Dom blinked once, silently counting to ten, and then he stepped forward, drawing himself up to his full height and assuming the expression he’d used to scare Privates back on base. “First of all, I am Sergeant Dominic Highband, United States Marine Corps, so get your facts straight because twins though we may be, my brother and I are not identical. Second, you are trespassing, and you know you are trespassing, and you are still filming this. Third, you seriously need to fire your fact checkers if you think that the boating accident that killed my father’s first wife and son was in anyway mysterious. It has been well documented not only by local authorities, but also by the United States Coast Guard. Now, I am only going to tell you this once.”

Call of Home

“You- you’re, you’re skipping,” Daniel replied.

“I was not,” Jessie said hotly, “I haven’t skipped since they stopped requiring it in gym class.”

“You were,” Daniel said, “You keep doing it whenever I look away!”

“Agent Anders,” Commander Z said.  “I believe the correct Earth phrase is, ‘Do I need to separate you two?’”

“She,” Daniel began then sighed, “No sir.”

The Children’s Defense

“Leave be,” Kan’nez said to Gedan and Ordan as he picked up a warning from the com system, “when you two get bored, you shut the anti-gravs off in the mess hall, or the fiasco with that Earthian kids’ show last month.  This sounds like it’s a lot more constructive.”  He picked up his sensor net and settled it over his scalp.  “Besides, we have a short window to get out of here, remember?”

Lady Guard

“It’s one of those quaint local customs,” Teirnan said dryly, “it simply means that a woman might be kidnapped and forced into marriage.  There is the ‘gentle’ version, for the couple who does not want to wait for the wedding, or whose families might think the match unsuitable.  Then there is the version where the chains are literal, where a girl is caught and chained until she signs the marriage contract.”

Fighter’s Heart (Trebon’s Journey Part 3)

Carley shook her head, “I’m a bit sore, but not like I’d been hit with a sword or knife.  Three of my opponents had just clubs and the fourth would have been better served with a club than the sword he was carrying.”  She sighed, “I miss Surrain bandits, at least they could give me a decent fight.”


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