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Tonight, I did something that was crazy/scary/wonderful.

I approved my book for distribution at

A Killer Best Friend

This is the first book in the Highband Trilogy, being the first of the Highband Investigations. It is my intention to work on the two books following this and doing some other stories. I can always come back to the Highbands again later on.
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It's here! My proof copy is here!
I've already spotted a couple of errors, but that's why I bought a proof copy. Yesterday and today were a bust so far on the writing front. In other words, I got to visit my grandparents today and I told them my book was being published.
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I spent a great deal of last month waiting for people to catch up to me so that I wouldn't feel so bad about doing as well as I did. Today, I looked at StarAndrea's stats out of curiosity...and while the discrepency is more that I expected, I had a totally childish moment of 'it's not fair' because her story has been 'rolled over'.

It does give me a goal though.

I do have to rewrite part of what I just wrote due to information I recently recieved concerning the Coast Guard.

In other news, I have been informed by Lulu that my proof is on it's way! Looks like my August 30th release date is still on schedule. (Yes, I picked August 30 as the day I announce my novel for sale. Just to let everyone know!)

Edit: I may be inaccurate about StarAndrea's novel word count being rolled over.
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 I think I am responding to everyone else's weekend catch up plans by slacking off. I've only done the bare minimum for the past two days. I am planning to churn out that 2,100 words I need to hit the half way point by midnight, but other than that, I am seriously lacking on the motivational front.

The story is going well, though. I've just entered a major plot point as well as defining a clue I handed off earlier in the story.
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While there more than likely will be a change to the background of this photo in the near future, this is the cover art for my book!

A Killer Best Friend )

Day Two

Jul. 3rd, 2011 12:35 am
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Word count goals, FTW!

Two days into Camp NaNo and I am hitting my Word Count Goals! Go Me!

Things I have learned about my MC and his family:

His mother is a very imperious woman, when she says something is going to happen, it will happen or else.

His twin is a nice guy, and a little devious too.

His sister-in-law is one of those wonderful women that people like knowing.

His nephew is adorkable, and five years old.

My MC on the other hand is this weird guy who is part cold hearted bastard, part prankster who at some point had a painpill addiction that no one in his family knows about. And he's a hero.

Plus Dom and Damien (the twins) were these total troublemakers back when they were kids.

Quotes from Day Two:

(Dom and Damien, referencing Damien's five year old son and baby-to-be)

"How's Jack?"

"He's doing good, he can't wait until the baby's born so that he can find out if he's a big brother or a big sister."

(Damien, on their childhood)

"Back then I think we looked at a situation, thought about it, and then chose the path with the most excitment."

(Dom, age 12 following a long rant about his order of a chocolate strawberry shake)

"Of course, my brother wants a chocolate banana shake, can you make that too?"

Future quotes:

(Dom and his friend Kyle on Sheriff Delacroix's dislike of Dom)

"You know, it's your fault he ever became sheriff in the first place."
"How do you figure that?"
"You were the one who realized that Sheriff Bright murdered those teens."

(Jane Highband, Dom's mother, on Dom talking about looking for something to do)

"Seriously, you aren't a kid any more, there are no mysteries for you to solve!"


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