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Mary Sue is a character trope more commonly found in fanfiction, although they can also be found in original stories. Here are some comments made about Mary Sue:

Read more... )


This is a blog series I have going that I thought I would repost over here. The blog itself can be found at Hope Unconquered. I'm going to post each entry individually, one day a week. Feel free to comment. Also, if you want the entirity of the On Mary Sue series, when it's complete, I'll make it up into a pdf for download on my website. (Free!)
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Well, yesterday was a bust for all concerned. I didn't get much writing in after I got up and didn't get home until after midnight. Did stay up late enough on Saturday night to get a word count in though so I'm still rocking the word count.

Figured out how to work the lead in to the first conflict point (all the rising tension will be fun)

Figured out how to work out the follow through to the conflict point,

Since I'm at the first point of the lead in, I figure I can work out the rest soon enough. I mean, I know what's going to happen, in a vague sense, but I don't know what my four points are between the conflict and the discovery, and then there's from the discovery to the climax, and then the lead in to the next part.

Then I have to go in and work on what I've already written, add in all the descriptions I've skipped out on, add in all the little scenes that help.

Then I have to track down a beta to tell me if it works (hoping Rye's able to do that)

Then I have to fix what the beta points out

Then I have to design the cover

Hopefully, I can get it to my beta before November so I can work on the sequel then, and I can get the cover designed and the story published for Christmas. I'm planning to go through Lulu again, of course. 
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 Trebon wrinkled his nose a little, “I’m trading bows for bows, it doesn’t seem fair.” He paused and looked at Kris, “why is it that my favorite thing in the world, bows for archery, is spelled the same as one of my least favorite, bows for protocol and ettiquite?”

“Because you’re weird,” Kris replied.

Novel sneak peek there.

Also, I've hit plus 10,000 words! I'm totes rocking my writing right now. I'm kind of stalling because I don't really know what happens once Trebon gets settled in, but I think I'm going to skip the eval part and plunge straight into lessons. I haven't decided yet, I know there's going to be some issues with history, (Qua'nat history being that Qua'nat City has always been the capital and Nat'rean history being that it's only been around for ten generations), and geography, which will actually be fun because Treb's got some back up on that one. I'll just draw a subject out of the hat and write about Treb's issues with it, I think.

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 Just finished banging out the next bit of Word Count for NaNo. This time, it wasn't as long, but it was past the needed number, so I'm happy. I can't figure out how I just managed to write 2000 plus words about breakfast, without once mentioning actual food, but I did. Thought of a few things that I kind of need to know for the story itself.

There are things I haven't figured out, like the MC lived with these nomads who are officially known as the "Riders of Eagle's Nest" or some such, but are essentially an entirely different kingdom/whatever of elves who might be loyal to the Qua'nat King because of treaty, but who don't consider themselves bound by the Qua'nat laws.

I don't know how to explain all of this without a ton of exposition, but I'm hoping I can figure it out as go.

I'm planning to do my word count by picking one scene at a time and writing it, trying to maintain a steady time line. Then I can go back and fit in some more transitional scenes or such later on in the second draft. So far I have:

MC comes home
MC has breakfast with parents/oldest brothers before leaving to be sequestered until he's of age

I know what the next two scenes are for certain and I have some vague ideas for the third and maybe a fourth (I'm not sure how soon I should put the stresser in the story. I'm thinking there should be two "before" scenes, because there's the one that kind of explains a few things about why the MC left, and then there should also be one to realy highlight the issues the MC is having in the sequestered palace, but I don't know if both of them could be worth two thousand words. I certainly intend to try.

Then, of course, is the stresser scene, which is followed by two pivotal scenes and possibly a filler scene. Then there's the "take action" scene which is followed by the "montage" scene and the "adventuring scene" then the next specific conflict scene followed by the lead in to the next book scene and ending with the resolution.

All told it could be called eighteen chapters.

When I write the second draft, I'm going to have to add in more discriptions for surroundings. Third draft will focus more on action, and fourth draft will be spit polished before I prep for publishing.

I guess you can tell I'm excited about this story. I need to sleep now or I might start writing the campfire chapter. As is, I'll probably write it today to help my word count.

After all, I'm not looking to write the exact number of words every day, isn't the purpose to hit 50,000 before midnight on Aug 30 afterall?
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Huntress i.e. my Dean-has-a-twin-sister series needs help. I have a plot bunny about the series that JUST WON'T GO AWAY. I've tried telling it no. I've tried ignoring it. I've tried to give it away even but it keeps coming back.

This tells me that I should probably seriously consider using the bunny because it further seperates the Huntress series from canon.

In part, the bunny was inspired by you, StarAndrea! Your Sky 'Verse Michael!Dean is a favorite of mine, and while I could never write your Dean, you made me think of this.

The problem is this, Dean's twin sister is Anna Campbell (and the reason she's a Campbell and not a Winchester is a story for a later day). There is a Supernatural character named Anna that people should be very familiar with: Anna Milton.

Or rather, Anael.

FYI: I don't know if you'd consider this a spoiler given that I don't know if I'm going to go with this bunny or not, however I will say that this could be a spoiler in the future, so if you want to be surprised by the Huntress stories and not have a hand in deciding on the bunny, don't read. There is nothing here that is actual Huntress headcanon spolier, so you should be safe if you're curious.

Now my plot bunny is this: )

So, there's the delimma. Any thoughts, or am I going to have to invest in the heavy duty bunny killer?

The Gang

Jan. 6th, 2012 11:50 pm
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 I'm working on a series of stories about magical toys using toys from my own collection. I thought I'd share a few of them here.

The Toy Box Gang )
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 In addition to publishing my own novel last year, I wrote 253,069 words of fanfiction. December was my best month for writing fanfiction with November being second best. This is ten thousand words less than I wrote in 2010, but I counted my originals in the 2010 count but not in the 2011 count.

Last year my New Years Resolution was to not write chapters of less than a thousand words unless it was a one shot and I was marginally successfull in that goal.

This year, I have several writing goals that I should call resolutions.

1. Finish and publish Highband Honor
2. Write a thousand word short story every day
3. Finish The Rainbow Brotherhood
4. Publish at least one short story anthology
5. Participate in one Camp NaNo session and win with a single story
6. Participate in NaNo and win with a single story
7. Finish Get in Gear
8. Finish Wayward Son
9. Start Fantasy Novel
10. Finish one of the NaNo Novels from 2011

Ten's a good number isn't it?

For story facts, right now, I am working on:

Get in Gear (RPM)
A Bend in the Road (Samurai)
Courtship of Kai (Lost Galaxy)
For The Safety of Bystanders (Dino Thunder)
Wayward Son (Turbo/Stargate Atlantis)
The Blood Children (The Black Jewels Novels)

I plan to start in the near future:

The Power of Friends: Speed (Ronnie/Operation Overdrive)
Huntress 04: The one with the missing children, a witch and the yellow eyed demon

Not to mention my NaNo novels:

Blog of a Teenage Superhero
Fighting Fates

and A Thousand Voices, my personal challenge to write one thousand stories of a thousand words each. The first fifty are grouped under the heading Tabitha's Toy Chest and are about a Wish Fairy taking care of children and protecting their wishes and dreams.

Not to mention my new FanFic writing rules to improve discipline:

No chapters to be less than 1250 words each unless it's a one shot
Round chapters to the nearest multiple of 25, up or down as needed
Huntress specific: Plot twists are spontaneous, but the mystery must beknown before the story is written, the unsub identified, the victims and a vague idea of how to catch it, plus the quote.

Oh and finally, I want to be a better artist, so that I don't have to use other people's work as a guideline.
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This is an excerpt from Out of Breath that I've been looking forward to writing. Background, Anna an FBI agent and former Marine, breaks out of the hospital with the help of her friend Chip. (As in Charlie 'Chip' Thorne if he'd never been a Power Ranger but a Navy Corpsman.) They go to the memorial at Pearl Harbor and you can read the rest yourself.
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Anna hadn't known what to expect when she arrived at Pearl Harbor, hadn't really thought about it. But this place, it was what she wanted to see. The museum, the plaques in the neatly trimmed yard, the information she would have loved the time to wander through and see. But they had tickets and not a lot of time, so she reassured Derek that she was ok and joined Chip with the group heading to the Arizona Memorial.

"Thank you," she told her friend.

"Not a problem," Chip replied, "I keep meaning to come out here, but I haven't yet."

Anna took a shaky breath as the crowd began to file into a theater. She tried to focus on the movie, but it was difficult. She couldn't keep her mind off the small white structure on the other side of the water, the symbol of such a great loss.

Finally, they left the theater and climbed onto a boat and Anna smiled warmly as Chip took her hand. "Excuse me," the woman said sitting next to them, "I couldn't help but notice," she gestured at their chests, "are you two military?"

"I was," Anna said, touching her dog tags. It hadn't seemed right not to wear them here. "I was wounded in Afghanistan and medically discharged."

Chip shrugged, "I'm finishing my college degree before I go for officer's training."

"Oh," the woman said and smiled, "Thank you for serving."

"Thank you for caring," Anna replied, looking up as the boat began to move.

It was a lifetime, it was minutes only, but they were there and Anna slid off the seat, her hand in Chip's so tight her knuckles were white.

The memorial was plain but elegant. She looked carefully at the first room, with the flags, and then stepped into the center part. Quickly she found her way to an opening where she could see the ship.

Staring down at the ship, however, Anna thought of the people who had died. Some of them had been killed instantly, but others, too many others, had been trapped. They had known. They had felt their death coming by inches.

The railing between her and the water was hot and when she brushed against it, the heat started to trigger a memory of fire and dust and heat and a panicked face.

Anna shook her head and moved on with the group, pausing to read the dedication plaque with a faint smile. Then she moved on to the open hole, but the water wasn't clear enough for a true look at the Arizona.

Finally, there was the wall. Anna stared at the names and wondered if there was a Winchester somewhere on that wall. She didn't think so. Almost reverently, she read the inscription, "TO THE MEMORY OF THE GALLANT MEN HERE ENTOMBED AND THEIR SHIPMATES WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN ACTION ON DECEMBER 7, 1941 ON THE U.S.S. ARIZONA."

The line moved on and Chip pulled her forward.

Something caught her eye and she looked down to find a marble bench, there had been one on the other side, but this one caught her eye. She couldn't make out the words but their meaning sunk in as she stared at the names. It was a memorial for survivors who had later chosen the Arizona as a final resting place.

Staring at those names, Anna's knees buckled and she couldn't stand. Her vision blurred, from either tears or contacts, and she shook, because she knew these men. Not them personally, but she understood. They had survived, were probably called heroes, while deep inside a voice whispered that they hadn't done enough, they were less than, they hadn't deserved to survive. These men had lain awake at night, thinking about how they could have saved their shipmates. These men had squirmed under the appellation of hero, because the real heroes had gone down with the ship.

She had come to the memorial to honor the memory of heroes; she hadn't expected a small shrine to the survivors. Taking a deep breath, Anna clamped down on her emotions enough to let Chip help her up. "Sorry," she whispered.

"It's ok," Chip said, and he got it. She could tell looking at him that he understood why those names and those words had affected her.

She looked back one last time. "I hope you found your peace," she whispered to the ghosts she couldn't see. Then she turned and followed Chip back out to the middle section. Caught in the crowd at another opening, Anna couldn't help but look out.

There were ghosts out there, she could see them. But they didn't seem angry. No one else said anything, so they didn't see the apparitions. It was a small group of men, dressed in World War II era uniforms and when she saw them they saluted her. Anna's breath hitched, and without thinking of anyone else, she saluted them back.


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This chapter isn't written yet, but I didn't want to forget the opening scene...

Somebody bring me breakfast. Bagel, cream cheese, coffee. Do not put coffee on bagel.

Derek stared at the text that had arrived at 6:45 in the morning and tried to remind himself that Hotch would not appreciate it if he killed Anna. Then he started wondering who had let Anna have her cell phone back.
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It's the first day of NaNoWriMo and we've broken the site already! That's kind of awesome. Ok, the Twitter feed says it's planned stuff, but still, I'm going with, they broke the site already.

My story is going good, I've written my prologue and started the first chapter, as you can tell from my word count (naturally).

OOOO, last night, I found my novel on AMAZON, which is much coolness.
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After an insanely long delay...

Previous chapters can be found here (Prologue) and here (Chapter One) Enjoy!


Chapter Two )
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Oh my Anna Campbell. I finally have a handle on her personality. She's fun, like her brothers, she's tough, but her defense is more of a 'brittle' tough with a propensity for chatter with these moments of vulnerability. She also has the manic moments, where she's almost on a sugar high, but usually that's to cover her moments of vlunerability and fear. She trusts more than her brothers, because in the marines, she had to trust or things would not have ended well, but she doesn't trust easily even if it seems like she does. I have so tortured Anna Campbell, but she's a survivor.
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I fanfic my own original work.

That being said, I love Jessie and Daniel as siblings, they're just fun. I would totally see the pair of them one day playing truth or dare and Jessie ending up having to spend time turning something into a musical. For instance, when discussing where they'll land on Earth on their way to the UN, if someone brings up California I could see her reluctantly enthusiastic about singing Gretchen Wilson's California Girls in that moment.
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I was bored at work today, so I amused myself with a character exercise I read somewhere or other. It's something like 'what three words describe your character?' Sort of a word association thing. I decided that I was going to do the public/pre-Gemini characters first, and then follow it with their Gemini private personalities.

After I made said list I looked at and I was like, and these are the good guys? Here are a few examples...

Cut for language )
I used sarcastic a lot, apparently. It seems to be a staple of these particular characters, although few of them translated over into their Gemini private personalities.

The other thing I did was write this, based on something I misheard...

It Depends )
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About a week ago, I mused on the nature of my mental landscape...sort of, or rather I mentioned my long standing fanfiction/self insertion/will never be written story plot.

Then I wrote something for it, using the 22 slash prompts to do it; specifically, I wrote about the Gemini, because they are fun, crazy and I like working with them. Given ten characters and 22 prompts, I wrote two for each characters and two about the team in general. These are the two about the team.

The Gemini cannot eat in public together. As a group they are too loud, too messy and all around too much. Angel and Drake will alternate between winding each other up and shocking other diners. Alex and Jordan will compete with Jared and Adrianna for more PDA complaints. Danny and James will invariably prank someone, and probably not a member of the team. Jessie and Rebecca will, if unwatched, always bring up their old argument, “You tried to kill my brother!” “Yeah well, I tried to kill mine too.” It’s safer just to eat on the Omega, though not quieter.

The atmosphere amongst the Gemini changes, on Amaranth, for example, they are tense and exclusive, knowing that Angel and Alex’s departure from the planet had burned enough bridges that they had changed their names. On Earth, they are tense and silent, worried that they will be unmasked as being not as human as they appear. Amongst outsiders, they play their roles to extreme, always distracting from the truth of the team. It is only alone on the Omega that they are themselves, that silences and laughter are both true and equal. All is not forgotten, but forgiven. They are one.

I am also working a different story that will involve on of the 100 word prompt tables, but without all of the x-over that I employed in the past. I think my favorite part of the first chapter is Alex being confused over the planet Earth..."Oh, that little planet in the Sol System, no, I'm not from there." Taking the Rangers out has made my characters a lot different (and more fun!) such that I'm looking forward to seeing who the Gemini are and why they're a team.
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Tonight, I did something that was crazy/scary/wonderful.

I approved my book for distribution at

A Killer Best Friend

This is the first book in the Highband Trilogy, being the first of the Highband Investigations. It is my intention to work on the two books following this and doing some other stories. I can always come back to the Highbands again later on.
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Apparently this is my new thing...that is, to post the first one or two chapters of a story here.

Having recieved my proof copy of A Killer Best Friend, I am totally ready to approve the stupid thing and get the party started.

The Outsiders is an original characters story set in the Summer's Boys universe about a group of survivors from outside the dome. They are not Power Rangers, although I do have ten ninjas and a Mystic Healer apprentice and some of the leaders are related to Rangers. With one exception, they are all original characters right now, and I'm only planning to throw in four known characters later on.


Aug. 16th, 2011 01:08 am
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Today's Random: A story idea.

Title: A Home For Mona

Story: Mona is a foster child, her mother was a drug addict and prostitute who gave her up to the system when she couldn't control her addiction. Mona is street tough and street smart, and she hates her new foster family, upper middle class 'white folk' who are in no way prepared for her. When Mona's mom comes back into her life, will Mona take a chance on the woman who let her down or the family that gave her a home?

Opening line:

Mona arrived at the social worker's house in handcuffs, dirty blue jeans and a hoodie.


A Mom for Charlie, A Dad for Hope, and Twins in the Family

Any questions/comments on this one?
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I've gone on a bit of a writing bing here, the last two days, I've done addendum to my word count that has given me a lot of leeway for the end of the month. I'm sort of set on hitting the halfway point by Saturday but I make no promises.

Also, I've hit chapter three and we finally identified the dead body. In my next bout of new stuff, I'm going to add in some of the local gossip about my victim. I'm hoping that little bit will enable me to finish off chapter three. I'm still thinking this is going to be a ten chapter book, but I just need to find enough stuff for Dom to do. I'm almost positive that I'm going to spend a chapter shopping for real estate and another where Dom has a chat with his uncle, the CO of the family's company. Not to mention the ladies. I really need to work in another trip to the book store to.

Anyways, I hope my fellow Campers are doing as well as I am.


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