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I have released Warrior's Pride, which is both A Prince's Pride and Warrior's Rage together, except it's a paperback.  Currently only available via Lulu because my proof for distribution has been lost in the mail.  Hopefully I can get this sorted tomorrow.


Aug. 17th, 2012 05:44 am
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Have finally completed part one of WR. May possibly shrink the whole thing to a single chapter later.

On to part two!

PS: I has blog...will figure out how to crosspost here, yeah? 
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Well, yesterday was a bust for all concerned. I didn't get much writing in after I got up and didn't get home until after midnight. Did stay up late enough on Saturday night to get a word count in though so I'm still rocking the word count.

Figured out how to work the lead in to the first conflict point (all the rising tension will be fun)

Figured out how to work out the follow through to the conflict point,

Since I'm at the first point of the lead in, I figure I can work out the rest soon enough. I mean, I know what's going to happen, in a vague sense, but I don't know what my four points are between the conflict and the discovery, and then there's from the discovery to the climax, and then the lead in to the next part.

Then I have to go in and work on what I've already written, add in all the descriptions I've skipped out on, add in all the little scenes that help.

Then I have to track down a beta to tell me if it works (hoping Rye's able to do that)

Then I have to fix what the beta points out

Then I have to design the cover

Hopefully, I can get it to my beta before November so I can work on the sequel then, and I can get the cover designed and the story published for Christmas. I'm planning to go through Lulu again, of course. 
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 Trebon wrinkled his nose a little, “I’m trading bows for bows, it doesn’t seem fair.” He paused and looked at Kris, “why is it that my favorite thing in the world, bows for archery, is spelled the same as one of my least favorite, bows for protocol and ettiquite?”

“Because you’re weird,” Kris replied.

Novel sneak peek there.

Also, I've hit plus 10,000 words! I'm totes rocking my writing right now. I'm kind of stalling because I don't really know what happens once Trebon gets settled in, but I think I'm going to skip the eval part and plunge straight into lessons. I haven't decided yet, I know there's going to be some issues with history, (Qua'nat history being that Qua'nat City has always been the capital and Nat'rean history being that it's only been around for ten generations), and geography, which will actually be fun because Treb's got some back up on that one. I'll just draw a subject out of the hat and write about Treb's issues with it, I think.

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 Just finished banging out the next bit of Word Count for NaNo. This time, it wasn't as long, but it was past the needed number, so I'm happy. I can't figure out how I just managed to write 2000 plus words about breakfast, without once mentioning actual food, but I did. Thought of a few things that I kind of need to know for the story itself.

There are things I haven't figured out, like the MC lived with these nomads who are officially known as the "Riders of Eagle's Nest" or some such, but are essentially an entirely different kingdom/whatever of elves who might be loyal to the Qua'nat King because of treaty, but who don't consider themselves bound by the Qua'nat laws.

I don't know how to explain all of this without a ton of exposition, but I'm hoping I can figure it out as go.

I'm planning to do my word count by picking one scene at a time and writing it, trying to maintain a steady time line. Then I can go back and fit in some more transitional scenes or such later on in the second draft. So far I have:

MC comes home
MC has breakfast with parents/oldest brothers before leaving to be sequestered until he's of age

I know what the next two scenes are for certain and I have some vague ideas for the third and maybe a fourth (I'm not sure how soon I should put the stresser in the story. I'm thinking there should be two "before" scenes, because there's the one that kind of explains a few things about why the MC left, and then there should also be one to realy highlight the issues the MC is having in the sequestered palace, but I don't know if both of them could be worth two thousand words. I certainly intend to try.

Then, of course, is the stresser scene, which is followed by two pivotal scenes and possibly a filler scene. Then there's the "take action" scene which is followed by the "montage" scene and the "adventuring scene" then the next specific conflict scene followed by the lead in to the next book scene and ending with the resolution.

All told it could be called eighteen chapters.

When I write the second draft, I'm going to have to add in more discriptions for surroundings. Third draft will focus more on action, and fourth draft will be spit polished before I prep for publishing.

I guess you can tell I'm excited about this story. I need to sleep now or I might start writing the campfire chapter. As is, I'll probably write it today to help my word count.

After all, I'm not looking to write the exact number of words every day, isn't the purpose to hit 50,000 before midnight on Aug 30 afterall?
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 Day one word count accomplished. And I kind of like the ending point. It struck me as I was writing it that I kind of summed up the MC's whole conflict for the whole book.

Trapped between two worlds, and never really a part of either of them

It makes me happy when stuff like that happens.  It's like, suddenly, the world falls into place when you really find the words to discribe your MC's motivation. Although, I'm a little annoyed because my 'v' key keeps sticking. It gave me a gem earlier though "neer lie" instead of never live.

Hope any other Camp NaNo people are having as much fun as I am!


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