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I keep expecting other members of the Awesome Cabin to suddenly have a burst of inspriation and catch up with me (or just update their word count and surpass me while looking spectacular).

That being said, I wrote the final scene of my novel today. Now I'm going back over all of it and finding places where my description is shaky or I need to rewrite the dialogue. Before I start each change, I look at the word count and tell myself what I want the word count to be when I'm done.

I wrote almost a thousand words like that before my battery gave out and I had to go plug in. I figured while my battery was charging I should update my word count. (And yes, I chose to stop ot 34,200).

I feel bad, because I am so excited and inspired with A Killer Best Friend, not to mention it's sequel, The Lady Killer. I can't wait to write more of these stories.

When I reach my word goal (or the end of this read through) I'm going to start over again, and this time, I'm going to write a summery of each childhood story that I've shared. Some of them might show up in future books while others may never be seen again.

Now, I have something a little spoilery to talk about, so I'll add a cut here:

The Highband Family )
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I am highly amused at how well I'm doing with Camp NaNoWriMo this month. At least, as far as my word count in concerned, I'm doing well. I have a sort of challenge to be done by this week end but that's a personal thing. If I do get done this weekend, I am totally going to start the next book.

I have decided that I am doing a trilogy Dom becoming a detective and then I'm jumping it ahead five years. I'd like to have the three stories done by the end of August, but we'll see.

The last of my trilogy has the least flesh to it, but I'm going to keep working on it. My next book I already have figured out. All I really want to say is that it is definitely going to have the Coast Guard in it.

That's enough for now, gotta go!
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 I think I am responding to everyone else's weekend catch up plans by slacking off. I've only done the bare minimum for the past two days. I am planning to churn out that 2,100 words I need to hit the half way point by midnight, but other than that, I am seriously lacking on the motivational front.

The story is going well, though. I've just entered a major plot point as well as defining a clue I handed off earlier in the story.
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I've gone on a bit of a writing bing here, the last two days, I've done addendum to my word count that has given me a lot of leeway for the end of the month. I'm sort of set on hitting the halfway point by Saturday but I make no promises.

Also, I've hit chapter three and we finally identified the dead body. In my next bout of new stuff, I'm going to add in some of the local gossip about my victim. I'm hoping that little bit will enable me to finish off chapter three. I'm still thinking this is going to be a ten chapter book, but I just need to find enough stuff for Dom to do. I'm almost positive that I'm going to spend a chapter shopping for real estate and another where Dom has a chat with his uncle, the CO of the family's company. Not to mention the ladies. I really need to work in another trip to the book store to.

Anyways, I hope my fellow Campers are doing as well as I am.
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Being some thoughts and musings regarding A Killer Best Friend

Read more... )
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I have finished Rituals of the Moon, (here for; here for AO3).  It's been an interesting journey to get here.  And if I still don't know as much about Anna as I'd like, I do like her as a character.

I won't say that she's nothing like me, because that would be a lie, but she isn't me.  For one, I'm fairly certain she's smarter than I am and for two, she's had this really interesting life.

I'm doing my background for the sequel: "Out of Breath" and plotting some aspects of it.

A preview )I am surprised by the attraction I feel to shopping out a wardrobe for her.  For some reason, she's very fashionable in winter.

Take that!

Jun. 18th, 2011 04:17 pm
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Rituals will be completed in two chapters.  One chapter for the big Dean Anna and Sam reunion, which will involve a bloody nose, and Anna's version of what happened at the end of the ritual and one chapter back at the BAU for when Anna actually meets Garcia.

I'm already planning the next case for my ppl, but it won't be a Supernatural X-Over beyond the phone calls.  I'm sending the team to Hawaii.  I just haven't found a name for it.

I think this is the story in which Morgan learns a few things about the supernatural, and one of Anna's secrets comes to light.

I also need to find a good quote to end Rituals with.
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I haven't even started writing Get in Gear, and I know something very important is happening in Pedal to the Metal.  Those who don't know, GiG is part two of Summer's Boys and PttM is part three.  I'm going to ramble a bit about this for your edification, but it's spoiler so if you want to be surprised, then don't read.

Spoiler Alert! )

The Works

May. 15th, 2011 03:14 pm
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It's my (not quite) monthly update!  All the stories I was working on in the last update, plus what I've added as far as chapter fics go.

Stories )
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I DID IT!  I have FINALLY FINISHED Summer's Boys Part One: Year of the Trio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go me, I rule!

Including the interludes it's fifty three chapters long.

I won't say that this is the longest fic I've ever written, but it is the one that I have seriously angested over.  OOOO, pic too. 
This is my Dino Storm Arc cover... )
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The first chapter of First Mystic...

I'm quietly freaking out about the rest of it, because this is my all time favorite Power Rangers AU I'm working with.  What if I mess up?  What if I'm way too OOC?

I am rather frantically reading and rereading First Blood to make sure I get the layout right (where will the guests sleep?) and cross checking things in the other stories (Ashley's Robot Ranger?  What about her psycho?).

I'm almost completely finished and I'm finding all these little things when I double check facts that I have to write around or fix, and I already had to scrap part of the finish.

But I will prevail.  I am NOT going to fail to write this.

It Is Begun

May. 8th, 2011 04:39 pm
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I have begun posting First Mystic, my Mystic Force/First Universe crossover.  Great thanks, *Andrea for letting me write First Universe.
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I decided that I'm going to update my works here, and share some of my amusement with you guys.  I'm listing the stories I had as WIP's last time, to update their status now, and then I'll list the new stuff.  I am not listing any one-shots or stories that I completed in this time, this is just for my WIPs.

The Works... )
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Having spent most of the past week trying to get to let me update my PR stories, I have given up.  Once upon a time when the world was...I mean, a while ago I was told about Archive of Our Own (AO3) another fanfiction site that has a lot of different and equally interesting stories.

Today, I believe I have officially converted to AO3 becuase of the fact that they are willing to let me upload my stories without any of the hassel I've lately experienced from

In related news, I have stories!

Of Magic and Ninjas (COMPLETE!)  for Power Rangers

Rituals of the Moon (WIP) for Supernatural/Criminal Minds

Wayward Son (WIP) for Stargate Atlantis/Power Rangers (Turbo) although I call it a Justin Stewart/SGA cross over because really?  It's all about Justin.

Also, The Impala (one-shot) for Supernatural, which I also posted here and which may become a series of one shots about the car.
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I am unable to keep still, and I will probably not be active on the internet for a while because I HAVE COREL PAINTSHOP PHOTO PRO, which is almost as cool as Adobe Photoshop, but much more affordable. (For the record, go to Wal-Mart, it's cheaper there EVERYDAY than it is at the Corel website)

Here are new banners I made!Banners!!!!!!!!!! )
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I don't want to post the next chapter of Summer's Boys. Because if I do, then something really bad happens to Jinx. How can I do that to him? Look at him (stares at icon) he's so pretty...

In Which I Advertise Summer's Boys and whine some more )
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Done and done!

Supernatural chapter two is posted!

I know, I know, it took me long enough, right? Feel free to read and review!
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So I had the next chapter of that supernatural story ready to post. It was on my list and everything. Then...I forgot. I didn't post it yesterday, how intellegent is that?
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So, I have finished the next part of my Supernatural fic, I'll have it posted tomorrow. I have another chapter of SB ready to go, and Dustin as well. I hope to have the first chapter or so of my new Narnia fic ready to go. And I need to write another Stargate chapter. Plus, I need to add another page to my original piece.

At some point, I also need to eat, sleep and work...oh well.


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