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It's time for my random fic updates ya'll.  Here they are in all their craziness.  (I seriously need to cut back, but I keep getting these ideas that are just fabulous and I start writing them.)

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The Works

May. 15th, 2011 03:14 pm
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It's my (not quite) monthly update!  All the stories I was working on in the last update, plus what I've added as far as chapter fics go.

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I have a complaint.  Well, actually, I have two complaints right now, but this post is only about one of them.

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This isn't really a story, more the idea of a story I might write one day.  It references the new chapter of The Power Of Friends or perhaps it would be fair to say that this story is referenced by that chapter.

This is a Mystic Force story about Madison's first boyfriend.

She's fifteen, he's the same age, and he's into theater.  Vida and Xander offer their threats as to what will happen if he hurts her, and they do so in public.  Chip waits until he is alone and he delivers his own threat, "Hurt Madison Rocca and I will beat you to death with a paper napkin."  Before the boy can respond, he walks away.

Two months later, Madison is crying at home, and the boy is off with some theater chick who likes black and does not see his acting is as bad as it truly is.  Gently, Chip promises her that he will fulfill his threat and when Vida mocks him, he asks her if she would not help him capture the boy, because the boy would surely fight and she throws a more wicked punch than he.  Xander, he asks to help tie the boy up because Xander knows more about ropes and knots than Chip.  They are in the midst of planning when Madison tells them no.  She does not want them to hurt the boy for her sake.  Because it is Madison, they don't.

Chip informs the boy that it is Madison's mercy that allows him to live, but the insult shall never be forgotten.

Two weeks later, he is giving a presentation in history on Medieval weapons and brings one of his tabletop trebuchet for a demonstration.  His weapon is a soaked paper napkin.  He fusses with the machine as he explains about the importance of aiming and accidentally releases the leaver too soon.  It is not his fault that the napkin landed on the ex-boyfriend's face.
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I have decided that before I start ANYTHING new, or even edit something old, I need to figure out where I stand with what I'm currently working on.  So, I am making a list (with links).

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I am a busy woman no doubt.

Also, yes, I still blame *Andrea for Summer's Boys.  Also, if you have any questions about my work, feel free to ask.
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So, I have finished the next part of my Supernatural fic, I'll have it posted tomorrow. I have another chapter of SB ready to go, and Dustin as well. I hope to have the first chapter or so of my new Narnia fic ready to go. And I need to write another Stargate chapter. Plus, I need to add another page to my original piece.

At some point, I also need to eat, sleep and work...oh well.


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