guardian_of_hope: Together We Are Strong (Default) is not letting me update any of my Power Rangers stories, although it did let me finish The Valiant.  My Narnia story rang in at 21 chapters, which is good and keeps me happy.

In response to finishing The Valiant, I have started a new story, it is a Criminal Minds and Supernatural crossover featuring an OFC, Anna Campbell who knows Dean, Sam and Bobby.  Her past is as twisted as any of the Winchesters and she is a very special young woman.  I'm posting the series, Huntress on AO3, the first story is Ritual of the Moons.  It's Anna's first case with the BAU, and shows some of how she plans to balance her working knowledge of the supernatual with the seccular nature of the BAU.  Enjoy! 

The Impala

Mar. 19th, 2011 02:57 pm
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Short, random one-shot based off all the Supernatural stories I've been reading.


Every car is born with a soul and an Owner, but only a lucky car keeps the first and finds the second. The Impala is one such car. )
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I am collecting prompt lists or bingos.  Anything but the kink_bingo and preferably nothing M rated.  Anyone know what communities have good lists?  I have a hurt/comfort prompt list and an AU prompt list...I know there's a slash-bingo list somewhere that I'd like to find back.

I'm looking for inspiration because I have two stories I'm going to start writing "soon".  Huntress, a Supernatural/Criminal Minds AU X-Over, that's probably going to get me kicked out of fandom and a Power Rangers/Stargate Atlantis X-Over that's really more of a Justin Stewart/SGA X-Over.

This is a New Year's Resolution for me BTW, to write a story using a bingo card or prompt list.  Suggestions, comments, encouragement are all accepted.
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I went to see it tonight and it was awesome.  It had Matt Damon in it, which, you know, my favorite actor of all time. 

Now what I want to see is a Supernatural/Adjustment Bureau crossover where Cas works at the Bureau and Dean is the guy he's supposed to get back on the plan...only he never does....
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Done and done!

Supernatural chapter two is posted!

I know, I know, it took me long enough, right? Feel free to read and review!
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So I had the next chapter of that supernatural story ready to post. It was on my list and everything. Then...I forgot. I didn't post it yesterday, how intellegent is that?
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So, I have finished the next part of my Supernatural fic, I'll have it posted tomorrow. I have another chapter of SB ready to go, and Dustin as well. I hope to have the first chapter or so of my new Narnia fic ready to go. And I need to write another Stargate chapter. Plus, I need to add another page to my original piece.

At some point, I also need to eat, sleep and work...oh well.


Jun. 8th, 2010 04:42 pm
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I have updated everything but my Supernatural story. This means that Summer's Boys is updated,Power of Friends: Dustin is updated and I added the sequal for Playing With The Big Boys. Plus a new Stargate fic. Don't worry though! Supernatural will be updated, I promise!

I am also working on a new Narnia story (Valient) and sketching ideas for an original piece. Oh, and I might start working on the Elf story again (My longest running novel, 10 plus years and it isn't done yet.)
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I have watched all of Supernatural season four and I have two favorite episodes. The first one is the one where they make Dean afraid of...everything. The dog, the cat in the locker, running away from the ghost. The scream. It was hilarious. No Cas, though, but that's ok. Also, I liked the one where Dean and Sam have 'normal' jobs. Just the sight of Dean eating a salad was priceless.

There's one other one, but I can't think of which it is. Oh well.

Now, I will wait for S5 to come out on DVD so I can watch it as well. $2 rentals at Hastings= favorite shows on DVD.

And dude, the blooper will at the end? Best Part Ever.


The blooper will? I meant, the blooper REEL...
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*Andrea, you did it again. I have begun a Supernatural fic. Now I need a Supernatural icon. Head on over to [community profile] its_a_penguin_thing and check out the first chapter. They're all going to run short, but it features Dean, Sam, Gabriel, and Castiel. It is also pre-slash at the moment: Dean/Castiel. Enjoy ya'll!


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