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In light of having none of my Sacrifice work available, but having my Narnia story: Once A Queen, I am taking this moment to ramble about moveverse Prince Caspian.


Spoilers for the Movie ALERT! )
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Working Title: Sacrifice
Author: Guardian of Hope
Word Count Total: 3536

Quoteable Quotes:

Soon after, the darkness of the artificial hanger light gave way to the muted colors of sunset. “We made it,” Kavean said, “Now; on the seat beside you is your disguise. Reagan, robe and veil are a part of yours. Yes, you’re a woman from one of the desert planets; it’s the quickest disguise that Mandori could come up with. Although, and you didn’t hear this from me, she said that it was revenge for a prank you played on her; and even though you didn’t hear it from me, I would dearly like to hear the story behind that. Aadreas, you’ll find adhesive tribal markings with yours, she said you would understand what they mean, but she was also laughing about it, so if it’s not too much trouble at some point, I would like to hear what made that so funny to her.”

“Prove it, hybrid,’ the Captain said, his wary behavior upgrading to the hostility that was common when meeting one of the Vyperan-Human hybrids.
“Easy,” Aadreas said, with a deadly smile. “You see, I remember the Nebula, back during the AdonKrev evac, you stayed. The Nebula was the last ship to go to FTL, and she brought with her the last of the children of AdonKrev. Your final message to the Nova was, ‘you kids had best get out of here and stop playing the hero. Next time, I’ll bend you over my knee for being so stupid.’”
“I remember that,” the Captain allowed, “I still hold it to being one of the most foolish acts I’ve ever seen, though.”

Personal musings: Should I stick to my Guardian pen if I publish professional, or should I revert to something more 'normal'?

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Because I haven't fixed the time  on my laptop, I thought it was midnight and wrapped up for the day. It's not. Anyways, that means I have an hour to do more research on my possible new fanfiction subject. (Narnia). And here are the facts from my Day One of NaNo. Complete with excerpts that I liked best.

Title: Sacrifice
Author: Guardian of Hope

Word Count: 1856


     “Easy,” his partner, Reagan, said. “We don’t need an official reprimand for personal commentary over the comm. system again.”
     “Like that’s my fault,” Aadreas said, rolling his eyes, “I’m not the one who does the stupid things around here.”
     “Oh, really?” Reagan replied, his bland tone showing as much amusement as he allowed himself to show.  “Seems to me that there’s a personal file floating around that just might say otherwise.”
     “Just because I’m the one getting punished doesn’t mean I’m the one who did it,” Aadreas retorted.


“Because you two broke into one of the most secure facilities in the galaxy, hijacked one of the most advanced ships in the fleet, evaded the Space Patrol star fighters and made it to the AdonKrev Systems, covered an evacuation and brought the best of the galaxy’s ship builders here.” Mandori replied...

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So, about Sacrifice. I decided to make a quick timeline to figure out what's gone on before, and I realized that while I could fit the finished, adapted versions of 'Summer's Boys' and 'Power Plot', it would have to be set before Sacrifice, but it's doable. How cool is that? Thus making me inspired to work out the kinks in Summer's Boys so that when Sacrifice is done with, I can plunge into finishing it and adapting it. So, in December, look to see Summer's Boys finished!


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