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At the end of 'Go for the Green' (RPM) Ziggy makes a comment about Scott, in relations to the suit and girls.  My mind instantly tagged this on to the end of that...

Spoiler for Get in Gear! )

I will probably stick a version of that into GiG, because the context is hilarious.  (They're referring to Scott's Red Initiation btw...)
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I haven't even started writing Get in Gear, and I know something very important is happening in Pedal to the Metal.  Those who don't know, GiG is part two of Summer's Boys and PttM is part three.  I'm going to ramble a bit about this for your edification, but it's spoiler so if you want to be surprised, then don't read.

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Have you seen RPM's episode Dome Dolls? No? Short version, all of the guys get knocked out by a gas, leaving the girls to save the day. The following is an image captured from the episode...

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I finally finished The Driving Lesson over on! (Dances happily) All I need was a wedding and some insomnia to figure it out. Now I don't have to feel guilty about starting 'Summer's Boys'.

Question, if there's anyone reading this, do you want me to also post it here? (i.e. at [community profile] the_ranger_database ?)
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FYI: Summer's Boys chapter one is now up at [community profile] the_ranger_database !!!

Blame Game )
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Ok, I love YouTube, but they never play the songs I want to link to my vids, so I joined

I have two videos there now, one from a few months ago entitled Ranger Red Which is about Scott and his dad.
The second one I just put up and won't be available for about thirty minutes 'cause of some policy or other, which is just a funny thing I did based on my anagram of fluffy. Go check'em out!


May. 17th, 2009 08:41 am
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I'm back!

Look out world, I'm free! It's my WEEKEND!


working on chpt 2 of The Driving Lesson, waiting for my dad to cook breakfast, uhm, oh! Working on a Pern RPG with a couple of friends, and writing fanfic for it. Planning to clean my room at some point. Yeah, it's a busy weekend.
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I survived work, yeah!

Unfortunantly, I still haven't remembered to 'get lost' on my way. With all the construction, it could happen. Especially at night, with no signs, and a weird turn off, which is what we've got going on right now.

I also managed to not fall out of my chair at lunch watching two of my co-workers chase each other through the break room, jump out at each other and just goof off in general.

And now I'm counting down the hours until Power Rangers RPM comes on.


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