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I have finished Rituals of the Moon, (here for; here for AO3).  It's been an interesting journey to get here.  And if I still don't know as much about Anna as I'd like, I do like her as a character.

I won't say that she's nothing like me, because that would be a lie, but she isn't me.  For one, I'm fairly certain she's smarter than I am and for two, she's had this really interesting life.

I'm doing my background for the sequel: "Out of Breath" and plotting some aspects of it.

A preview )I am surprised by the attraction I feel to shopping out a wardrobe for her.  For some reason, she's very fashionable in winter.

Take that!

Jun. 18th, 2011 04:17 pm
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Rituals will be completed in two chapters.  One chapter for the big Dean Anna and Sam reunion, which will involve a bloody nose, and Anna's version of what happened at the end of the ritual and one chapter back at the BAU for when Anna actually meets Garcia.

I'm already planning the next case for my ppl, but it won't be a Supernatural X-Over beyond the phone calls.  I'm sending the team to Hawaii.  I just haven't found a name for it.

I think this is the story in which Morgan learns a few things about the supernatural, and one of Anna's secrets comes to light.

I also need to find a good quote to end Rituals with.
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All right, spoilers ahoy!

I can just hear them now.... )
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Why I opened this up.  Except, I know that I'm about three chapters from the end of Rituals, but I think Wayward Son is going to be a very long one.  GiG is fifty plus, easy, but Honor (which I need to update) won't go over twenty five.

Oh, I remember!  Starting tomorrow (? Today?) I'm going to post a series of essays about the Rangers to my "community", and link it here.  Just a way to organize my thoughts and make my characters a little more 3D.

I have this insane urge to write an AU Samurai fic about Mike being some rich heir whose uncle is a douchebag.  I don't know about that though...

I do know I want to do a low-dialogue piece about Mike and Emily and their friendship to romance.  We'll see.
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Fair Warning, there are spoliers, and a rant under this cut.  Spoilers are for Wayward Son, Get in Gear and Rituals of the Moon.  The rant is also related to Rituals.

Spoilers and Rants ahead! )
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I don't know if I would necessarily call this a spoiler alert, but since I'm talking about Rituals, Wayward, GiG, First Mystic and Warlord's Daughter in the context of what I haven't written but might have ideas for, I'm putting in a cut.  Read at your own risk...

Care to come with? ).

The Works

May. 15th, 2011 03:14 pm
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It's my (not quite) monthly update!  All the stories I was working on in the last update, plus what I've added as far as chapter fics go.

Stories )


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