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I have officially decided that in the Rocca/Thorne/Bly household, they have a tradition. When someone in the group says something particularly stupid, or embaressing loud enough that everyone can hear it, they appalud the speaker. Case in point:

Wildfire glanced down the hallway to the stage and looked back at Firefly, "You ok?" His sister asked.
"Yeah," Wildfire managed after a moment, "I just, I feel naked without my guitar."
Applause made him jump and Wildfire turned to find a camera zoomed in on him. "Congratulations," Lance said, coming up on his left to cuff him on the shoulder, "You just got the 'stupidst thing said on camera' award. Aunt Madison will be thrilled to get rid of the trophy." 

Yeah, they do stuff like that. Because they love each other.
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On the subject of Lexi and Leigh Oliver. Who are they?

Lexi and Leigh are the children of Tommy Oliver and his wife Samantha (OFC) in the Rainbow Brotherhood. By all accounts they are a boy, Lexi, and a girl, Leigh. But are they?

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I haven't even started writing Get in Gear, and I know something very important is happening in Pedal to the Metal.  Those who don't know, GiG is part two of Summer's Boys and PttM is part three.  I'm going to ramble a bit about this for your edification, but it's spoiler so if you want to be surprised, then don't read.

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So, I watched "Snip It, Snip It Good" (Ninja Storm) last night and I find myself completely disappointed with how litte thought was placed into the story line they had been given. I mean, I have written something for Dustin's next chapter (more angst apparently) but still, there's nothing there. No angry words, no walking away, just to idiots having a wrestling match. It really disappointed me. Can I just rewrite that episode to have it happen the way I want?

Not with PoF, I guess. That's....very annoying. On the other hand, if I put that chapter up, we see Dustin talking to Tanya via phone about the whole thing. It's implied that since that first email (in the last chapter) they had emailed a few times.

I have to check something before I keep this chapter (since it's almost finished, I might as well, right?) If I'm right, it stays, if I'm wrong, I'll just move on to the next moment.
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I think the first thing I need to do is issue a spoiler alert, because I'm writing about Summer's Boys and the Rainbow Brotherhood. So, SPOILER ALERT.

Two Worlds Collide... )This is what is going on in my thoughts. I just posted them so I can go back and ask myself what the hell was I thinking?
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I don't know if ya'll keep track of my stuff on, but I was hoping for an opinion before I finish (ie start) the next section, aka Vida's. Although, I am highly amused to find that I may have named Adam as a poet, TJ, Vida and Scott are also poets in my world(s). This is for Vida, it's two of the poems that will feature in her part. I was going to go with songs, but I'm not a songwriter. Warning, this could be considered spoilers... If I actually post this particular format.

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I borrowed this idea from Angel Negra. It sounded like fun. It would be nice to hear what other people think...

1 - Post a small snippet from your WIPs (even abandoned ones if you want), this can be anything from one line to a couple of paragraphs.
2 - Your friends/readers can comment with one question for each snippet - anything they're particularly curious about.
3 - Answer those questions with as much or as little detail as you like.

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