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It's time for my random fic updates ya'll.  Here they are in all their craziness.  (I seriously need to cut back, but I keep getting these ideas that are just fabulous and I start writing them.)

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Just throwing out some thoughts on if my Brotherhood Rangers met my Headcannon Avengers...

Kira would totally hone in on Steve and just talk to him. She'd get right in his brain and find all those knots of guilt and banish them.

Dustin would hook in Tony for the exact same thing, but he'd do it with science because Brotherhood Dustin is a mechanical engineer. He'd start asking about some mechanical aspect of the armor, bring it back to the Mark I and swing around to Afghanistan, go back to the armor and then swing it back through something else. He'd play with the robots and ask about Tony's dad, and just leave Tony feeling better about things.

I think Chip and Xander would tag team Clint because Chip alone is overwhelming but Clint and Xander have being charming in common. They'd hang out on the rang, testing out Clint's bows while Xander and Clint talk about women and dating.

Vida and Natasha would get on like a house on fire. Natasha would adopt Vida and teach her how to back up her threats. After they had a bit of a cat fight, actually. They're both strong personalities in that way.

Chip, Dustin, Emily and a couple of others would hang with Thor too, just because they're all of the 'be yourself' group. They just don't care about what other people think, they just are. But Jason and Tommy would share looks with Thor, and they would get it, that Thor's a warrior more than anything. That connection between the three of them wouldn't require words.

Billy and Cam would hang with Bruce in the lab, doing science stuff, and they'd probably drag Justin down too because Justin likes science stuff even if he isn't too sure about the Rangers.

Hailey would commiserate with Pepper while keeping Tommy away from Bruce, because Tommy is chaos personified on a good day and Bruce does not need chaos like Tommy creates chaos. Or attracts it, whatever.

Rose would probably join the Science Boys and bring Tony with her to discus robots and Ronnie would hover around the edge of the Tasha/Vida thing with Taylor because Natasha is that awesome.

Will would also bond with Clint, in a mutual spy appreciation thing even if Will isn't really a sniper type of guy.

Trent would be there, but he wouldn't really connect much with the Avengers unless he talks art with Steve, he'll be hoering of Kira in that way he has, the one that's possessive and overprotective but in a good way because that's what Trent does. He loves his partner, and he looks out for her, by being there. He helps her without her having to ask and kicks butt with her if she needs it, but mostly he lets her fight her own battles because Kira can do that. Trent's just willing to help out, if she needs him to.

Conner would be banned from the labs about five minutes out but Ethan would hover and geek out over Jarvis and just be awed by Tony and Bruce, although more Tony because Tony does computer stuff.

Kim and Kat would probably bond with Pepper too, while Trini would talk with all of them before focusing on Bruce. Tanya would skirt around dealing with Tony after Dustin's done and Aisha would talk about animals with Thor and the uses of the Allspeak and animals. Zack would be a bit lost in it all until Rhodey showed up and they would have drinks and discuss how they ended up with these people, because really.
Rocky would handle the bar with Adam to keep him company but Adam would also get on with Coulson and Bruce, being the quiet and competent sort. Andros would be so completely out of place he'd probalby hide on the balcony until Zhane and Ashley frog marched him back in to talk to Steve while Karone would avoid Clint out of respect for his distaste of magic and observe Natasha because, again, Natasha is awesome.

Kendrix would probably crash the science party with Damon and Kai would talk to Coulson aboud dealing with these crazy people, I mean seriously, how do you do it every day. Maya would hit it off with Thor in the whole, Earthians, who really gets them and Leo and Mike would join the other reds talking shop with Steve. (Cause that's where TJ would be while Carlos joined the Clint group and Cassie would probably drag Phantom off to see the rest of New York because it's New York, with her husband, why wouldn't she go out to an expensive and fancy dinner, paid for by the Black AmEx Pepper slipped her before they left?)

Carter would be in the Red Appreciation group while Dana would join Pepper and Hailey. Kelsey would join Clint's group because she's an action girl and keep them from killing Joel when Joel got too obnoxious. (He's an idiot, but he's her team.)

Seriously, I could just keep going because I can totally mix and match this group for the fun of it. What can I say? I just have way too much fun.
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On the subject of Lexi and Leigh Oliver. Who are they?

Lexi and Leigh are the children of Tommy Oliver and his wife Samantha (OFC) in the Rainbow Brotherhood. By all accounts they are a boy, Lexi, and a girl, Leigh. But are they?

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I was bored at work today, so I amused myself with a character exercise I read somewhere or other. It's something like 'what three words describe your character?' Sort of a word association thing. I decided that I was going to do the public/pre-Gemini characters first, and then follow it with their Gemini private personalities.

After I made said list I looked at and I was like, and these are the good guys? Here are a few examples...

Cut for language )
I used sarcastic a lot, apparently. It seems to be a staple of these particular characters, although few of them translated over into their Gemini private personalities.

The other thing I did was write this, based on something I misheard...

It Depends )
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Apparently this is my new thing...that is, to post the first one or two chapters of a story here.

Having recieved my proof copy of A Killer Best Friend, I am totally ready to approve the stupid thing and get the party started.

The Outsiders is an original characters story set in the Summer's Boys universe about a group of survivors from outside the dome. They are not Power Rangers, although I do have ten ninjas and a Mystic Healer apprentice and some of the leaders are related to Rangers. With one exception, they are all original characters right now, and I'm only planning to throw in four known characters later on.

Photo Spam!

Jun. 9th, 2011 07:04 am
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A series of images I painted using other people's line art for inspiration.  Although first is one that is based off a photo...

The pictures are here.... )
I don't claim to be an artist, but it was fun to make these.  I used Corel Painter and my tablet to make, all in all I spent about an hour on each of these.  I hope with more practice, I'll be able to do more free hand as opposed to using someone else's work as a base.

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This is the prologue to the Courtship of Kai, a romance story.  The Prologue is rated T for Teen.  The story itself is rated M.

The Courtship of Kai )
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Having spent most of the past week trying to get to let me update my PR stories, I have given up.  Once upon a time when the world was...I mean, a while ago I was told about Archive of Our Own (AO3) another fanfiction site that has a lot of different and equally interesting stories.

Today, I believe I have officially converted to AO3 becuase of the fact that they are willing to let me upload my stories without any of the hassel I've lately experienced from

In related news, I have stories!

Of Magic and Ninjas (COMPLETE!)  for Power Rangers

Rituals of the Moon (WIP) for Supernatural/Criminal Minds

Wayward Son (WIP) for Stargate Atlantis/Power Rangers (Turbo) although I call it a Justin Stewart/SGA cross over because really?  It's all about Justin.

Also, The Impala (one-shot) for Supernatural, which I also posted here and which may become a series of one shots about the car.
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I am collecting prompt lists or bingos.  Anything but the kink_bingo and preferably nothing M rated.  Anyone know what communities have good lists?  I have a hurt/comfort prompt list and an AU prompt list...I know there's a slash-bingo list somewhere that I'd like to find back.

I'm looking for inspiration because I have two stories I'm going to start writing "soon".  Huntress, a Supernatural/Criminal Minds AU X-Over, that's probably going to get me kicked out of fandom and a Power Rangers/Stargate Atlantis X-Over that's really more of a Justin Stewart/SGA X-Over.

This is a New Year's Resolution for me BTW, to write a story using a bingo card or prompt list.  Suggestions, comments, encouragement are all accepted.
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Yeah, I'm one of those people who can't really draw. I'm also one of those people who should never be allowed to be bored.

This is why )


Oct. 25th, 2010 03:44 am
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All right, I have banners to share...enjoy!

Banners Here! )
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It's done, it's done it's done! Finally!

Sorry, here's the background story: before Power Rangers United moved, someone made a bit of a challenge to do a PR fanvid to Citizen Soldier. I've toyed with the idea, and now I've done it. You DO NOT KNOW what I've been through to finish this. I now encourage you to watch and enjoy. (And if the ending's a little fuzzy, I changed my source encoding for various reasons...)


Jun. 8th, 2010 04:42 pm
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I have updated everything but my Supernatural story. This means that Summer's Boys is updated,Power of Friends: Dustin is updated and I added the sequal for Playing With The Big Boys. Plus a new Stargate fic. Don't worry though! Supernatural will be updated, I promise!

I am also working on a new Narnia story (Valient) and sketching ideas for an original piece. Oh, and I might start working on the Elf story again (My longest running novel, 10 plus years and it isn't done yet.)
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Have you seen RPM's episode Dome Dolls? No? Short version, all of the guys get knocked out by a gas, leaving the girls to save the day. The following is an image captured from the episode...



Apr. 15th, 2010 01:50 pm
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So, I've decided to work on Summer's Boys, to see if I can't get further along with it now. And I added this prologue involving Dr K's arrival at Corinth and how Col. Truman reacted. Now I keep writing these little bits and pieces of the time before they chose Rangers. It's very weird.
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I hate to type this, because I haven't wanted to admitted out loud but, ok, I'll say it. I am writing a Power Rangers / Stargate Atlantis crossover. The Rangers are mostly original characters, although I am borrowing Ziggy and Dillon from RPM.
The Ranger team is called the Gemini, and some of the Rangers are twins, but some only say they are twins, and others just don't even pretend they are twins, but people assume they are twins because they are "Gemini" Rangers.

I haven't gotten past them arriving on Atlantis, and they're talking about being on Atlantis and hint at the various secrets and problems that the Gemini have.

I know that I'm sending part of the team to Athos, and one of them might end up on the Wraith Dart Ship, but I haven't confirmed that idea yet. Then there's the whole, they're Power Rangers, how do they fight the Wraith thing, especially when confronted with John Sheppard and the US military directly.

A snippet from the (currently) hand written draft:

"Atlantis needs us," Angel said. "I can't say that it's permanent, we all know our issues on that score. However, I'm positive that we can cover this untl they have more Atlantean Rangers ready. We joined SGC to be here, because we were needed That need has changed, but it still exists. For however long we're neded as the Gemini. Can you guys at least work wih me on this?"

It's a bad fic, with no plot yet, beyond Atlantis needed a Ranger team. Well, they got Rangers...

If I actually finish/type/share this, would anyone care to read it?
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So, I was doing some work on my website, no new stories added, just fixing it up a bit more, and I started reading some of my stuff. Then it dawned on me...

It's like a giant hint! )


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