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Jan. 6th, 2012 11:50 pm
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 I'm working on a series of stories about magical toys using toys from my own collection. I thought I'd share a few of them here.

The Toy Box Gang )
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More Gemini work. I don't like asking for reviews, I feel that you should only comment if something you read moves you to do so. Therefore, I'm not asking for reviews, although I would appreciate hearing something from someone.

Jared felt it, the way his brother reacted to the Amaranth and he couldn’t help but wonder why. Out of the entire universe, his brother had apparently chosen an Amaranth to be his partner. He watched, even if there wasn’t much to see, just two young men staring into each other’s eyes with slight smiles. Even psychically, there wasn’t much beyond the shock that reverberated down the twin bond to him to show that something was going on beyond a staring contest.

The girl coughed, and Jared looked at her in surprise. The girl looked from Jordan and the unnamed Amaranth to him, “So,” she said, “are staring contests an alien thing? Should I start practicing?”

“No,” Jared said, “I’m sorry, but I didn’t catch your name.”

“I didn’t throw it,” the girl replied with a crooked grin. “I’m Jessie, Jessica Grover, of Earth.”

Jared thought, explains more than it doesn’t; “Well, Jessie Jessica Grover,” he smirked at her, “I am Jared, and what’s going on between Jordan and the Amaranth is that they’re bonding.”

“Bonding, do you mean like the Javor do, with soul brothers and everything?” Jessie asked, apparently ignoring the play on her name.

“Something like that,” Jared said, “except it more like, soul mates, I believe you would call it or love at first sight.”

Jessie looked at the pair, “Huh,” she said, “I guess that cuts down on the cheesy pick up lines.”

Jared frowned, “I’m sorry, I think you lost me on that phrase, ‘cheesy pick up lines’?”

Jessie giggled, “Sometimes when a guy sees a girl he likes, he’ll use a line to get her to pay attention to him. It’s called ‘picking up’ a girl, although it’s not literal.” She adjusted her seat and pulled her blanket close to her, “It’s something stupid, usually, like ‘Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again’ or ‘I lost my number, can I have yours?’” She fiddled with the blanket a moment and Jared realized she wasn’t actually wearing anything underneath it. “I think the saddest part is that it actually works.”

Jared shook his head, “I don’t get it either.” He studied her for a moment, “So if you’re from Earth, how do you know about Javor?”

“My brother,” Jessie said, “he was a refuge from Javor who somehow ended up on Earth. He taught me some of what he remembered.”

“You’re very lucky,” Jared said softly.

“Whatever,” Jessie replied, “it doesn’t mean he’ll put the seat down on the toilet when he’s done with it. How did you end up here, anyways?”

“Us?” Jared glanced at his brother reflexively, who was still caught up in Alex, although they were now talking quietly. “Our journey to here started six years ago. We were captured by a Capellan witch and used in her experiments and recently, she traded us to the Vyperans for their science studies.”

“Fascinating,” someone said, and a dark figure dropped lightly through the ceiling.

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I fanfic my own original work.

That being said, I love Jessie and Daniel as siblings, they're just fun. I would totally see the pair of them one day playing truth or dare and Jessie ending up having to spend time turning something into a musical. For instance, when discussing where they'll land on Earth on their way to the UN, if someone brings up California I could see her reluctantly enthusiastic about singing Gretchen Wilson's California Girls in that moment.
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This is the preediting version of the first chapter's opening. If you spot anything in here that needs to be fixed, let me know, please? There are a few things that will be cleared up through other chapters, but I don't always catch the little details....

In the beginning, she was alone. The room was large, if plain, with a discretely placed bathroom and pallets on the floor for sleeping. Jessie curled up on one of the pallets, with a blanket around her and shivered. She had been on Earth, going about her life as a dance student, when she’d been taken. The aliens had arrived without warning and in a matter of hours, Earth was an occupied planet and her people enslaved. Jessie wasn’t sure why she had been picked out of the crowd as an ‘example’ of what their fate could be, but that had led to her being taken onboard the alien ship after a few creative punishment demonstrations.

The door opened with a sudden hiss, sliding into the wall quickly and smoothly, dragging her out of her memories. Jessie shivered and huddled in her blanket, wondering if she would now learn what was to become of her. “Let me go,” a man said before being thrown into the room. He straightened and turned back, his reddish brown hair swirling over his shoulder from the speed of his spin. “You’ll regret this,” he called through the closing door.

“I-I don’t think they care,” Jessie said as she sat up, still in her blanket.

The man turned, and smiled at her, “Hi. I know that, the Vyperans as a group are notorious for being cold-blooded reptiles.” He studied her for a long moment, and Jessie shivered as the light glinted off his oval glasses, preventing her from seeing his eyes clearly. “Forgive me,” the man said in a gentler tone, “I’m Alex.”

“Jessie,” Jessie replied as she pushed her dark brown hair out of her face, “are- are you from Earth?”

“Earth?” Alex repeated, confused, “Oh, that little planet in the Sol System. No, I’m not. I’m an Amaranth.” He settled on a pallet across from her, “My partner and I were trying to infiltrate the ship.” He paused and looked briefly annoyed, “With emphasis on trying.”

“What happened?” Jessie asked, hugging the blanket around her a little tighter.

Alex shook his head, “Angel got mad at the central mainframe and forgot to keep her voice down. We were, naturally, discovered by the Vyperans who seemed quite put out to discover us hacking their computers. They attacked us and Angel tried to distract them so I could get away, but that didn’t work out so well.” He spread his arms out and shrugged his shoulders.

Jessie giggled, then clapped her hand over her mouth, “Sorry,” she whispered.

Alex grinned, “So you can laugh, that’s a good thing.” He drew his knees up to his chest, “It must have been a shock, though, to learn you aren’t alone in the universe.”

Jessie shook her head slightly, “That wasn’t the shock,” she told him, leaning forward a little, “my brother’s from Javor.” She paused, “My soul-brother, I believe is the proper designation. Daniel doesn’t like to talk about Before much. His family died in the war.”
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I was bored at work today, so I amused myself with a character exercise I read somewhere or other. It's something like 'what three words describe your character?' Sort of a word association thing. I decided that I was going to do the public/pre-Gemini characters first, and then follow it with their Gemini private personalities.

After I made said list I looked at and I was like, and these are the good guys? Here are a few examples...

Cut for language )
I used sarcastic a lot, apparently. It seems to be a staple of these particular characters, although few of them translated over into their Gemini private personalities.

The other thing I did was write this, based on something I misheard...

It Depends )
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About a week ago, I mused on the nature of my mental landscape...sort of, or rather I mentioned my long standing fanfiction/self insertion/will never be written story plot.

Then I wrote something for it, using the 22 slash prompts to do it; specifically, I wrote about the Gemini, because they are fun, crazy and I like working with them. Given ten characters and 22 prompts, I wrote two for each characters and two about the team in general. These are the two about the team.

The Gemini cannot eat in public together. As a group they are too loud, too messy and all around too much. Angel and Drake will alternate between winding each other up and shocking other diners. Alex and Jordan will compete with Jared and Adrianna for more PDA complaints. Danny and James will invariably prank someone, and probably not a member of the team. Jessie and Rebecca will, if unwatched, always bring up their old argument, “You tried to kill my brother!” “Yeah well, I tried to kill mine too.” It’s safer just to eat on the Omega, though not quieter.

The atmosphere amongst the Gemini changes, on Amaranth, for example, they are tense and exclusive, knowing that Angel and Alex’s departure from the planet had burned enough bridges that they had changed their names. On Earth, they are tense and silent, worried that they will be unmasked as being not as human as they appear. Amongst outsiders, they play their roles to extreme, always distracting from the truth of the team. It is only alone on the Omega that they are themselves, that silences and laughter are both true and equal. All is not forgotten, but forgiven. They are one.

I am also working a different story that will involve on of the 100 word prompt tables, but without all of the x-over that I employed in the past. I think my favorite part of the first chapter is Alex being confused over the planet Earth..."Oh, that little planet in the Sol System, no, I'm not from there." Taking the Rangers out has made my characters a lot different (and more fun!) such that I'm looking forward to seeing who the Gemini are and why they're a team.
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I started a story today. Original charaters, might be Power Rangers.

This is what I know:

The leader is Daniel Grey
His best friend is CJ
There's a girl name Adelaide
Daniel is under a spell to believe that his friends are doppelgangers
For CJ 'miracles are his stock in trade'
They are fighting someone

Things I might know:

CJ is a Unicorn
One of the other characters is a Dragon
There is a magical crystal
CJ and Daniel are gay
There are Elves involved

Things I don't know

Who they are
What they are fighting
Where they are
When they are in time
Why they are fighting
How they are fighting.

At some point, I'm going to need to figure this out, no?

PS: Not sure about the Unicorn and Dragon...but it sounds interesting
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For the heck of it, I made shirts and other stuff:*

Most of it is for a joke my friends and I used to run about: The Society For Protection Against Evil Penguins. It doesn't reall mean anything, it's just about being crazy and loving life. The rest of it is just stuff that I've thought up and wanted to share.

If you want to buy my stuff, that's cool and if you don't, well, feel free to look and tell me all about what you think!


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