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*Andrea, you did it again. I have begun a Supernatural fic. Now I need a Supernatural icon. Head on over to [community profile] its_a_penguin_thing and check out the first chapter. They're all going to run short, but it features Dean, Sam, Gabriel, and Castiel. It is also pre-slash at the moment: Dean/Castiel. Enjoy ya'll!
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I hate to type this, because I haven't wanted to admitted out loud but, ok, I'll say it. I am writing a Power Rangers / Stargate Atlantis crossover. The Rangers are mostly original characters, although I am borrowing Ziggy and Dillon from RPM.
The Ranger team is called the Gemini, and some of the Rangers are twins, but some only say they are twins, and others just don't even pretend they are twins, but people assume they are twins because they are "Gemini" Rangers.

I haven't gotten past them arriving on Atlantis, and they're talking about being on Atlantis and hint at the various secrets and problems that the Gemini have.

I know that I'm sending part of the team to Athos, and one of them might end up on the Wraith Dart Ship, but I haven't confirmed that idea yet. Then there's the whole, they're Power Rangers, how do they fight the Wraith thing, especially when confronted with John Sheppard and the US military directly.

A snippet from the (currently) hand written draft:

"Atlantis needs us," Angel said. "I can't say that it's permanent, we all know our issues on that score. However, I'm positive that we can cover this untl they have more Atlantean Rangers ready. We joined SGC to be here, because we were needed That need has changed, but it still exists. For however long we're neded as the Gemini. Can you guys at least work wih me on this?"

It's a bad fic, with no plot yet, beyond Atlantis needed a Ranger team. Well, they got Rangers...

If I actually finish/type/share this, would anyone care to read it?
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There is an original story posted to [community profile] its_a_penguin_thing, entiled ¿Dónde están mis pantalones? The title translates as "Where are my pants?" and if you tilt your head sideways and squint, it does make sense in the story.

Please, read and review!


Oct. 28th, 2009 11:57 pm
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Hi ya'll, see the icon, that is me, before I got my new glasses.

Anyways; I have updates from the_ranger_database

I finally finished Secrets at Halloween with many apologies for forgetting that I hadn't.

And a new story! Mystic Secrets about the Mystic Force Rangers, because I don't want to cheat and start NaNo early.

Oh and I gave myself some more power ranger icons, plus the one of me; which is probably one of my better pictures, actually.

Well, that's pretty much it, just thought I'd share that with you...


Oct. 22nd, 2009 11:07 pm
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I'm changing my NaNo plot. As much as I like Surrain, I want to do something different, I guess.

Meet: Sacrifice

Two young men who have lost everything but each other must learn to open their hearts after a wayward girl with a whimsical smile dances into their life.

It takes place after an intergalactic war, when these two fighters are chosen to escort a delegate from Earth to the Federation Capital to sign the final treaty, making Earth a member state. The thing is, the 'delegate' is a girl their age, the only daughter of the leader fo the Earth Defense, which was a rebel group that worked with the "aliens" to take back Earth as it fell. What's supposed to be a simple mission, go to Earth, pick up the girl and come back, turns out to be not so simple.

I'm planning for it to be the lead in for the stories I want to spin out of the Brotherhood and Summer's Boys later on.

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I am working on a weird RPM Halloween fic.

Brief summary and sticking point )

Oh, and Friday is my Mental Health Day, meaning I'm going to try to get my website 100% up to date then.

Hopefully, I will sometime soon present you guys with more of Summer's Boys. I know, it's bad of me to not be writing this, but I am trying!


Jul. 24th, 2009 06:27 am
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So, I was looking at my icon list, and I realized that most of them are RPM related. Well, a few aren't, but they're mostly fic related. So, I need to make icons at some point, I guess, or learn to make them to scale...

Spoilerish Updates )
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So, I'm posting a new five-things story at [community profile] the_ranger_database  about Dr K and Ziggy, and don't ask me where this came from, beyond Neo Aguni asking me to write this. It's fun and funny. If you've seen Star Trek (2009) you'll know the scene I've referenced, when they're on the Enterprise. It's funny, no matter how many times you've seen it.

Here is an addendum to Pulling Pigtails that I wrote for Neo Aguni that was too funny not to share.

Pulling Pigtails part Two spoiler )

New Fic

Jul. 7th, 2009 09:06 pm
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So, I had half a story floating around on my computer, I'm not sure why I wrote it, but I decided to finish it and share it. It's over on [community profile] the_ranger_database , although it doesn't even have a name. Working title was MMPR, but that's not good enough. So, I'm going to be me and just post it without a name. It does link to the Rainbow Brotherhood stuff, but it can also stand alone as needed. I just needed to write something, I guess.


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