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I keep expecting other members of the Awesome Cabin to suddenly have a burst of inspriation and catch up with me (or just update their word count and surpass me while looking spectacular).

That being said, I wrote the final scene of my novel today. Now I'm going back over all of it and finding places where my description is shaky or I need to rewrite the dialogue. Before I start each change, I look at the word count and tell myself what I want the word count to be when I'm done.

I wrote almost a thousand words like that before my battery gave out and I had to go plug in. I figured while my battery was charging I should update my word count. (And yes, I chose to stop ot 34,200).

I feel bad, because I am so excited and inspired with A Killer Best Friend, not to mention it's sequel, The Lady Killer. I can't wait to write more of these stories.

When I reach my word goal (or the end of this read through) I'm going to start over again, and this time, I'm going to write a summery of each childhood story that I've shared. Some of them might show up in future books while others may never be seen again.

Now, I have something a little spoilery to talk about, so I'll add a cut here:

The Highband Family )
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All right, spoilers ahoy!

I can just hear them now.... )
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Why I opened this up.  Except, I know that I'm about three chapters from the end of Rituals, but I think Wayward Son is going to be a very long one.  GiG is fifty plus, easy, but Honor (which I need to update) won't go over twenty five.

Oh, I remember!  Starting tomorrow (? Today?) I'm going to post a series of essays about the Rangers to my "community", and link it here.  Just a way to organize my thoughts and make my characters a little more 3D.

I have this insane urge to write an AU Samurai fic about Mike being some rich heir whose uncle is a douchebag.  I don't know about that though...

I do know I want to do a low-dialogue piece about Mike and Emily and their friendship to romance.  We'll see.
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Fair Warning, there are spoliers, and a rant under this cut.  Spoilers are for Wayward Son, Get in Gear and Rituals of the Moon.  The rant is also related to Rituals.

Spoilers and Rants ahead! )
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I realized today, I have characters that are helplessly tragic.  They're all good people who have these God-awful lives, usually thorugh no fault of their own.

FYI Some of this could be considered spoilerish, but not all of it )

New Icons!

May. 31st, 2011 02:41 pm
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Yeah, I added a few new icons, but I really posted this to say, I find photobucket highly amusing.

They warn that you might delete or disrupt links if you move things around, but I just went in and totally reorganized everything and all my pics seem to be just fine.

Go figure, right?

To celebrate this, new banners:

Shiny!!!!! )
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I don't know if I would necessarily call this a spoiler alert, but since I'm talking about Rituals, Wayward, GiG, First Mystic and Warlord's Daughter in the context of what I haven't written but might have ideas for, I'm putting in a cut.  Read at your own risk...

Care to come with? ).
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I just learned two things about Justin Stewart as per Wayward Son... One: He studied weapon development on Eltare and Two: He's a political activist.  He believes in "no kill law enforcement" and has designs for modified tasers and more advanced stun guns.

I have also learned that Eltare has a word for Rangers like Justin.  It means Broken Team, but what it means is a Ranger who still has the Power but whose team has left to accept new powers else where.  Justin considers himself to be retired, but since between Storm Blaster and Zordon's Wave, he not only got his morpher back, but had it repowered, Eltare's Rangers, and thus it's people, view him as coming from a Broken Team.

Justin's alternate translation for the Eltarean phrase?  "The poor bastard whose team abandoned him".

Yeah, my Justin's a poor, bitter bastard, isn't he?
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I'm rewatching an old favorite of mine, Digimon.  I loved this show, because of the premise of a group of kids going away to camp and being transported to another world and pairing up with adorable little creatures called Digimon.  Some people say that the story was too much like Pokemon, but it really isn't.  Pokemon was about a guy wandering around with a creature that couldn't talk.  Digimon could not only talk, but they were funny too.  One of the Digimon was this guy Gabumon, and when his human partner 'Matt" (Japanese name Yamato) was in danger he would 'Digivolve' or become stronger.  Gabumon became Garurumon, and then, using a special crest, the Crest of Friendship, he would become Weregarurumon.  While defeating one of their enemies, Matt and their leader Tai (Taichai?) got a special power up from two Angel Digimon (Angimon and Angiwomon) and were able to help their partners warp digivolve.  Gabumon became Metalgarurumon.

Now, this guy is pretty impressive, he's a large wolf with blue and white fur, and metal armor over his chest, shoulders and face.  He's got some cool attacks to.  But my favorite attack for Metal-G is one he doesn't use that often.  I swear the dubbed name for the attack is 'Metal Wolf Snout', but I'm probably wrong.  I have my own name for it.  See, what this one is, is laser beams from his snout mask.  When I was fourteen, I dubbed them the 'snot lasers'.  At twenty-six, I find the term, while gross, is still acurate for the attack.  Still, who wouldn't want to blow up the bad guys with a sneeze?


Feb. 20th, 2011 12:34 pm
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I think I may have managed to get Tumblr to follow my dreamwidth journel...but I can't make the opposite happen.  Not fun.  Ok, maybe fun if I can make it work, because then I can post here and have it show up over there and that will fix this little new years thingy that I've been pretending I didn't make last year.  (AKA the promise to post more on DW)

We'll see, we'll see.
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All right, so One Moment is a story I came up with as I was falling asleep and which I wrote yesterday. it's a Narnia story (obviously) and is meant to be written in third person, present.

Which is weird, because I write third person, past out of habit. I figure if I'm going to be writing Narnia, I need to create a world for it.

One Moment exists in the same 'Verse as Once a Queen and The Valiant although it takes place 'before' it. I hope I can come up with some other one shots over time without just stealing everything from [personal profile] bedlamsbard who is my inspiration for this story and prompted me to actually start writing Narnia in the beginning.


Aug. 6th, 2010 07:00 pm
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Looking at the stories I have listed on, I am surprised to realize that I am currently working on the longest two stories I have posted. While currently Red Fraternity holds that honor, being over 44,000 words long, The Power of Friends is already fourteen chapters posted and I haven't even gotten out of Dustin's story. Don't get me started on Summer's Boys. After fifteen chapters, I still am building up to the big night, and then the climax will follow, and working out the climax and solution is going to take chapters. Chapters of conversations and actions and observations so that when the truth is revealed it's had a nice bit of build up without giving the game away. And besides that, I suck at foreshadowing, either that, or I'm brilliant at it, because nobody's guessed the unusual pairing that will appear in the story, but at the same time it's frustrating that I'm scattering these hints and awkward moments and only half of them are actually being picked up on.

Not to mention that I'm plowing through The Valient my Chronicles of Narnia story, a chapter at a time. That's fun. I'm going slowly to make sure that I'm laying some of the ground work for Lucy's future.

Other than that, I don't know too much else, so here are some banners. Enjoy!

Banners!!!!!!! )
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So, I watched "Snip It, Snip It Good" (Ninja Storm) last night and I find myself completely disappointed with how litte thought was placed into the story line they had been given. I mean, I have written something for Dustin's next chapter (more angst apparently) but still, there's nothing there. No angry words, no walking away, just to idiots having a wrestling match. It really disappointed me. Can I just rewrite that episode to have it happen the way I want?

Not with PoF, I guess. That's....very annoying. On the other hand, if I put that chapter up, we see Dustin talking to Tanya via phone about the whole thing. It's implied that since that first email (in the last chapter) they had emailed a few times.

I have to check something before I keep this chapter (since it's almost finished, I might as well, right?) If I'm right, it stays, if I'm wrong, I'll just move on to the next moment.
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I think the first thing I need to do is issue a spoiler alert, because I'm writing about Summer's Boys and the Rainbow Brotherhood. So, SPOILER ALERT.

Two Worlds Collide... )This is what is going on in my thoughts. I just posted them so I can go back and ask myself what the hell was I thinking?
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In light of having none of my Sacrifice work available, but having my Narnia story: Once A Queen, I am taking this moment to ramble about moveverse Prince Caspian.


Spoilers for the Movie ALERT! )


Nov. 2nd, 2009 11:41 pm
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So, I didn't work today because we had a 'limited' shift, so instead I did work on my novel. I think I like the routine I have started, which is to write the daily goal, and then more to finish the current scene. Since I've been doing my Narnia research, I have dug up an old, unfinished piece that I have become inspired to work on and am rewriting that as well. And I'm learning to paint.

It just goes to show that days off are dangerous things because they inspire you to over estimate your free time...
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Working Title: Sacrifice
Author: Guardian of Hope
Word Count Total: 3536

Quoteable Quotes:

Soon after, the darkness of the artificial hanger light gave way to the muted colors of sunset. “We made it,” Kavean said, “Now; on the seat beside you is your disguise. Reagan, robe and veil are a part of yours. Yes, you’re a woman from one of the desert planets; it’s the quickest disguise that Mandori could come up with. Although, and you didn’t hear this from me, she said that it was revenge for a prank you played on her; and even though you didn’t hear it from me, I would dearly like to hear the story behind that. Aadreas, you’ll find adhesive tribal markings with yours, she said you would understand what they mean, but she was also laughing about it, so if it’s not too much trouble at some point, I would like to hear what made that so funny to her.”

“Prove it, hybrid,’ the Captain said, his wary behavior upgrading to the hostility that was common when meeting one of the Vyperan-Human hybrids.
“Easy,” Aadreas said, with a deadly smile. “You see, I remember the Nebula, back during the AdonKrev evac, you stayed. The Nebula was the last ship to go to FTL, and she brought with her the last of the children of AdonKrev. Your final message to the Nova was, ‘you kids had best get out of here and stop playing the hero. Next time, I’ll bend you over my knee for being so stupid.’”
“I remember that,” the Captain allowed, “I still hold it to being one of the most foolish acts I’ve ever seen, though.”

Personal musings: Should I stick to my Guardian pen if I publish professional, or should I revert to something more 'normal'?

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Working on the next part of Silver Dreams, and the next part of Summer's Boys, both would probably go faster if I didn't write just as I'm going to sleep, resulting in four pages of a single letter and multiple sentences that make no sense and thus must be edited. There is more info behind the 'cut, but it's a bit spoilerish, so read at your own risk.

But before I throw in that spoilerish musing, I have to ask....has anyone else seen the Taylor Swift (T-Swift)/T-Pain Duet, 'Thug Story'? It's friggen hilarious. Totally worth it to watch, check it out on YouTube. And after you're done laughing at Taylor, watch T-Pain, he's great.

Spoilerish Musings )


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