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It's time for my random fic updates ya'll.  Here they are in all their craziness.  (I seriously need to cut back, but I keep getting these ideas that are just fabulous and I start writing them.)

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Mar. 29th, 2010 11:56 pm
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So, went in today. Thursday I called in for a stomach virus. Friday I curled up and tried to live. Saturday felt half better, went to work, didn't throw up. Sunday slept, played on computer. (Amused, typically it's off Sat, work Sun) Today, went to work.

Before work, I picked my friend up 'cause her car isn't available to have a doc's appointment. She asks me, what's with your eye? I said, I dunno, why? She's like, because part of it is really red. I may have broken a blood vessel in my eye. It's not really bothering me, bothering me, so I'll wait 'till tomorrow (I'm off) to ask my mom if she'll help me go to the eye doctor's to get it checked.

Late to work. Got told that I can't take off again until the first 'cause of the attendence points policy. (ie 5 points gone, 3 points five plus min. late, 1 point less than five min late)

Eye thing is freaking me out, but it's not growing or anything. Know mom will help me out with this.

Boss says Big Mega Boss Man Who Signs PayChecks wants us to write EVERYTHING in our work.

A and I, and newbie D, do. Such as: "It's, like, you know, he really gets my values." Instead of, say, "It's like he really gets my values".

At work, all hell breaks loose, on our computers. We're typing the last project. Less than two hundred, five typist, some saint is proofing. The PCMs won't show up. We go to boss. Boss comes back.

Boss: I was just talking with "Tech Guy" right before this happened, now he won't answer. So I called "Big Tech Guy" and he's figure where the mistake is. He's calling the "Mega Tech Guy" to fix this.

Mega Tech Guy tells Boss how to fix it. Boss follows orders. Computer won't find the recordings (PCMs). Boss tries Tech Guy and Big Tech Guy, nothing. Mega Tech Guy waves his magic wand. *Fixes it*

While us H-Ville Typists were trying to get that last project. ABQ and H-Town finished the "other" proofing, and the out sourced proofing (aka: Those idiots who can't type, spell, use proper caps, grammer, sentences, words ect that we have to make pretty)

A feels bad about this, and I point out, with our time sheets, that there have been nights when we've been there past midnight, past, one, past two. Barely past three. And ABQ and H-Town won't do anything. I can count on one hand the number times I've *known* them to do the OSP too.

Was good day, though, cause I was home at eleven. Eye still creeps me out. Have Silver preview piece to type for ya'll soon.


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