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May. 6th, 2011 04:16 pm
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I now officially hate Pheonix and I recommend no one fly there, ever.

See, I missed my original flight home and had to rebook.  My new flight went through Pheonix AND switched airlines.  I think.  The airlines thing was weird.  But let me put it this way, the airline people were so used to giving directions to other airlines that they had them printed up on these little slips of paper.  It basically translated to:

Walk half a mile, go down a flight of stairs, go out a door, *catch a bus to this other terminal*, check in at the new airline, go through security (again) and then walk to your gate and wait.

It doesn't help that I was somewhere between drunk, hungover and sober during the whole thing.

Talk about traveling from hell.  I don't mind the flights, it's the airports that I hate. 
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So Renee and I went over to the Big Island for the weekend.  We planned this ages ago, and I have a post I'm putting together about the trip.  This little post is for a different situation.

Back before we ever got here, Renee got a phone call/voice mail about changes to the return flight.  According to our service rep, we weren't leaving until later in the day.  So we kill time until we have to leave, drop of the rental (IT WAS A JEEP) and go up to the ticketing counter only to be told that our flight was cancelled.  Renee was like, 'Well, yeah, but we're supposed to be on this later flight'.  It turned out that the service rep made a mistake.  We were fine, our flight hadn't been cancelled, but the  later flight had been.  Essentially, we missed our flight, but it wasn't our fault.  So Renee and I had to find a new hotel because we can't fly out until tomorrow.  Go figure...
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Yesterday, Renee and I wandered over to the rainy side of the Island (Oahu) close to North Shore.  She wanted cocktails and to meet a friend, I wanted beautiful scenery.  We got both.
Road Trip )The thing about Renee's side of the Island is that you have all the tourist stuff, Pearl Harbor, Waikiki, an awsome Luau, Honolulu, beautiful beaches.  But it's the dry side of the mountains, there's sun, which is pretty cool.  The far (windward?) side of the Island is usually cloudy, like yesterday, and while Renee was upset, I thought it was just about awsome.

Weather Woes )

There's something about the clouds flirting with the top of the mountains.  It was like one minute the mountains were real, their dimensions finite.  The next, it was as if we'd stepped into some other realm, where the mountains could drift on forever in green splendor.

Here be mountains )
Wonderland )The place chosen for cocktails was Haleiwa Joe's,  (hal-e-i-va joe's), where we went on my birthday for dinner.  The first time we went, it was dark, so I couldn't see the beauty of the place, but the second time.  Oh my god, the views!  It was a little slice of paradise.

The Lake and The Mountain )

Then we went with Renee's friend John to a place he knew, a bar, and there was more gorgeous scenery on the way.  Not to mention when we got there and saw the local wildlife.

The Bird and The View )

ReneeMy Sister )
All in all I would have to say that it's a good idea to stay in Waikiki or Honolulu, but any trip to Hawaii should inclued a drive to North Shore on Highway 3.
North Shore )Note: Pics should be small enough to view easily, but large enough the quality is ok.  Also, this was finished after midnight, so it should read two days ago...


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