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It's time for my random fic updates ya'll.  Here they are in all their craziness.  (I seriously need to cut back, but I keep getting these ideas that are just fabulous and I start writing them.)

The Fic is HERE!!! )
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Huntress i.e. my Dean-has-a-twin-sister series needs help. I have a plot bunny about the series that JUST WON'T GO AWAY. I've tried telling it no. I've tried ignoring it. I've tried to give it away even but it keeps coming back.

This tells me that I should probably seriously consider using the bunny because it further seperates the Huntress series from canon.

In part, the bunny was inspired by you, StarAndrea! Your Sky 'Verse Michael!Dean is a favorite of mine, and while I could never write your Dean, you made me think of this.

The problem is this, Dean's twin sister is Anna Campbell (and the reason she's a Campbell and not a Winchester is a story for a later day). There is a Supernatural character named Anna that people should be very familiar with: Anna Milton.

Or rather, Anael.

FYI: I don't know if you'd consider this a spoiler given that I don't know if I'm going to go with this bunny or not, however I will say that this could be a spoiler in the future, so if you want to be surprised by the Huntress stories and not have a hand in deciding on the bunny, don't read. There is nothing here that is actual Huntress headcanon spolier, so you should be safe if you're curious.

Now my plot bunny is this: )

So, there's the delimma. Any thoughts, or am I going to have to invest in the heavy duty bunny killer?
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 In addition to publishing my own novel last year, I wrote 253,069 words of fanfiction. December was my best month for writing fanfiction with November being second best. This is ten thousand words less than I wrote in 2010, but I counted my originals in the 2010 count but not in the 2011 count.

Last year my New Years Resolution was to not write chapters of less than a thousand words unless it was a one shot and I was marginally successfull in that goal.

This year, I have several writing goals that I should call resolutions.

1. Finish and publish Highband Honor
2. Write a thousand word short story every day
3. Finish The Rainbow Brotherhood
4. Publish at least one short story anthology
5. Participate in one Camp NaNo session and win with a single story
6. Participate in NaNo and win with a single story
7. Finish Get in Gear
8. Finish Wayward Son
9. Start Fantasy Novel
10. Finish one of the NaNo Novels from 2011

Ten's a good number isn't it?

For story facts, right now, I am working on:

Get in Gear (RPM)
A Bend in the Road (Samurai)
Courtship of Kai (Lost Galaxy)
For The Safety of Bystanders (Dino Thunder)
Wayward Son (Turbo/Stargate Atlantis)
The Blood Children (The Black Jewels Novels)

I plan to start in the near future:

The Power of Friends: Speed (Ronnie/Operation Overdrive)
Huntress 04: The one with the missing children, a witch and the yellow eyed demon

Not to mention my NaNo novels:

Blog of a Teenage Superhero
Fighting Fates

and A Thousand Voices, my personal challenge to write one thousand stories of a thousand words each. The first fifty are grouped under the heading Tabitha's Toy Chest and are about a Wish Fairy taking care of children and protecting their wishes and dreams.

Not to mention my new FanFic writing rules to improve discipline:

No chapters to be less than 1250 words each unless it's a one shot
Round chapters to the nearest multiple of 25, up or down as needed
Huntress specific: Plot twists are spontaneous, but the mystery must beknown before the story is written, the unsub identified, the victims and a vague idea of how to catch it, plus the quote.

Oh and finally, I want to be a better artist, so that I don't have to use other people's work as a guideline.
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I was bored at work today, so I amused myself with a character exercise I read somewhere or other. It's something like 'what three words describe your character?' Sort of a word association thing. I decided that I was going to do the public/pre-Gemini characters first, and then follow it with their Gemini private personalities.

After I made said list I looked at and I was like, and these are the good guys? Here are a few examples...

Cut for language )
I used sarcastic a lot, apparently. It seems to be a staple of these particular characters, although few of them translated over into their Gemini private personalities.

The other thing I did was write this, based on something I misheard...

It Depends )

One Moment

Dec. 31st, 2010 12:37 pm
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Title: One Moment
Author: Guardian of Hope
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Disclaimer: I do not own Chronicles of Narnia, nor am I profetting from it.
Summary: After Aslan leaves the Coronation, the Pevensies have a moment of reflection.


Four for One )


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