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Awesome local video story has rent one get one free videos. Now my parents are going to 'stare at goats'.

Also, family dinner, always fun.

Then, on the way home, there was rain (RAIN!) and there was a three car fender bender in the next lane. It was impressive. We spent the ride home talking about how awesome my dad's suv and my truck are, because we wouldn't just dent a plastic bumper...we'd be sitting in the driver seat complaining about what a lousy driver the other person was.
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Sister: I just met a guy with your nickname!
Me: Congrats, just dont sextext me by mistake.
Sis: I'm more worried about sending him the mushy stuff I mean to send to you.

Because sending your new boyfriend a text about how wonderful it is to be a woman is more traumatizing then sending an explicit text to your baby sister.  Love ya too sis!
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I am...not going to have the money to pay for my account this week. However, I will take advantage of the fact that I can have a free acount to try to keep this going.

Summer's Boys is going swimmingly. Flynn and his dad have had a touchy/feely bonding moment, and I got to poke fun at Dr K's habit of giving long, drawn out explinations that nobody pays attention to after a while. Oh, Flynn got his Hummer (it's an H3, I'm almost positive).

X's and O's is....almost done. It's my longest story ever although Summer's Boys might possibly challenge that. (It probably will, given how much work I'm devoting ot it)

This means that next I have to do justice to Dustin, Kira and Chip, my three favorite yellow rangers. Which will be...interesting.

Work is work, naturally. Mostly boring, with little bits of fun moments along the way. There are times when I feel like all of my managers are spinning out of control because *they* have no clue what's going on. (Really, Promark? Calling Georgia at 10 PM?)

My truck is running well, so that doesn't need to be on my list of complaints.

And my birthday went well...nobody spoiled it at least, which has a tendency to happen. For the invisble readers, I turned 25 on Sunday, and I can no longer refer to my sister as being 'older than a quarter of a century' without her turning the table on me.

Long Night

Mar. 23rd, 2010 08:32 am
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Last night, I had fun at work. Not only did I find out that my friend was pregnant, but I had a very interesting incident. See, I listen to recorded survey questions and type up the pertinent responses. It can be very boring and can lead to us typist falling asleep. Last night I zoned out during a recording and when I came out of it, well...this is what I had heard:

Neither of them is strong enough that I have heard of.

This is what I had typed:

Neither of them is stoned enough or smart enough to realize that you both want the money.

I want to know what story I was writing there, especially since I later had this zone out. I didn't type it, but it was weird:

Respondant: I've had one ticket in forty years.

My thoughts:

Me: I've only had one ticket too.
A: Me to, just not downstairs.
Me: How do you get a ticket upstairs...never mind, I don't want to know.

I was out of it enough that I honestly thought that conversation took place for about five minutes before my friend set me straight. It was an interesting night all told, between the zone outs, and the baby, and just being at work in general.

Oh, and I'm going gray. I'm 24 years old, and I have gray hairs. Aren't genetics wonderful.


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