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I have finished Rituals of the Moon, (here for; here for AO3).  It's been an interesting journey to get here.  And if I still don't know as much about Anna as I'd like, I do like her as a character.

I won't say that she's nothing like me, because that would be a lie, but she isn't me.  For one, I'm fairly certain she's smarter than I am and for two, she's had this really interesting life.

I'm doing my background for the sequel: "Out of Breath" and plotting some aspects of it.

A preview )I am surprised by the attraction I feel to shopping out a wardrobe for her.  For some reason, she's very fashionable in winter.
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Having spent most of the past week trying to get to let me update my PR stories, I have given up.  Once upon a time when the world was...I mean, a while ago I was told about Archive of Our Own (AO3) another fanfiction site that has a lot of different and equally interesting stories.

Today, I believe I have officially converted to AO3 becuase of the fact that they are willing to let me upload my stories without any of the hassel I've lately experienced from

In related news, I have stories!

Of Magic and Ninjas (COMPLETE!)  for Power Rangers

Rituals of the Moon (WIP) for Supernatural/Criminal Minds

Wayward Son (WIP) for Stargate Atlantis/Power Rangers (Turbo) although I call it a Justin Stewart/SGA cross over because really?  It's all about Justin.

Also, The Impala (one-shot) for Supernatural, which I also posted here and which may become a series of one shots about the car.
guardian_of_hope: Together We Are Strong (Default) is not letting me update any of my Power Rangers stories, although it did let me finish The Valiant.  My Narnia story rang in at 21 chapters, which is good and keeps me happy.

In response to finishing The Valiant, I have started a new story, it is a Criminal Minds and Supernatural crossover featuring an OFC, Anna Campbell who knows Dean, Sam and Bobby.  Her past is as twisted as any of the Winchesters and she is a very special young woman.  I'm posting the series, Huntress on AO3, the first story is Ritual of the Moons.  It's Anna's first case with the BAU, and shows some of how she plans to balance her working knowledge of the supernatual with the seccular nature of the BAU.  Enjoy! 
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I am collecting prompt lists or bingos.  Anything but the kink_bingo and preferably nothing M rated.  Anyone know what communities have good lists?  I have a hurt/comfort prompt list and an AU prompt list...I know there's a slash-bingo list somewhere that I'd like to find back.

I'm looking for inspiration because I have two stories I'm going to start writing "soon".  Huntress, a Supernatural/Criminal Minds AU X-Over, that's probably going to get me kicked out of fandom and a Power Rangers/Stargate Atlantis X-Over that's really more of a Justin Stewart/SGA X-Over.

This is a New Year's Resolution for me BTW, to write a story using a bingo card or prompt list.  Suggestions, comments, encouragement are all accepted.


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